Author Topic: We need to work together in Threshold  (Read 4376 times)

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We need to work together in Threshold
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2006, 04:41:05 PM »
Well, I agree that we should not split up the PCs by sending some back to town while the others remain to explore.  I think (and hope) we all agree on this.

That said, speaking as a player, think that there will be some captive priests down there and that they will be guarded by someone or something.

Remember, in the other OOC thread WF wrote this...

Quote from: wildfire
Everyone, please keep in mind that exploration can only go so far before it turns into a game session...

...going beyond doors and exploring the underground is session material.

I think he's serious and and I support and agree with him, of course.  If there was really nothing down there (aside from a few chained-up priests, perhaps) then I think he'd let us go hog-wild exploring it.  I personally don't believe Vervishkuk is down there (basing this on what Jarmok reported in the ICD), but I do think there are other bad-guys in there and that we can handle them even in our injured state.

So.... in summary, I would like to make a rescue attempt for the priests and completely clean this place out, if possible (depending, of course, on how big it is).  I'm just a little undecided on whether or not we should go back to town first...

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We need to work together in Threshold
« Reply #16 on: February 13, 2006, 03:53:45 PM »
I tend to an extent.

Firstly, I apologize for not being clear. I am not recommending that half of us go back tot Threshold while the other half explores.

I suggest that half wait, and guard the councilors while the other half make a quick jaunt to see if we can't slavage the preists. I'm not thinking on going to any lengths, and if we run into *any* opposition, we need to run. To your point, we are too banged up to fight anyone of significance.

From Jarmok's POV, he has a duty to enter and see if he can't rescue the preists. He is the Defender of Threshold, and that's his duty. He's going in whether anyone comes with him or not. But at the same time, we cannot afford to either take the three councilors with us, nor to leave them to themselves above ground. Ergo, we must leave a contingent with them. Again, if Jarmok runs into anything more than one or two people, he's turning tail, having done his best, and going to salvage the three councilors.

In order of Jarmok's priorities:
1) Protect Threshold
2) Protect the councilors
3) Recover priests
4) Protect the Protectorate
XX) Hunt thefishcook

I think that we can take a quick look for the priests. My bet is that they are dead anyway, and if not, then they are likely taken to the larger fort upstream. I really don't think that anyone is left here right now. If they were, then they would have been brought to bear (pending my conspiracy theory...check your e-mail for that). But that will change.

Enter with a quick, stealthy force who can affect a rescue, and turn tail.

As I said, Jarmok is going in regardless of what other folks do.

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