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We need to work together in Threshold

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Whether we go into the fort or simply go back to Threshold, we need to work together.   We are so banged up right now and with little resources, that we must stick together.   Sending half the party back to Threshold while the other half explores the fort  is a mistake.   Both groups are very weak and in serious danger of being overcome in a battle.   When I originally posted asking you guys to consider exploring the fort,  I assumed it would be all of us together.   We are not strong enough to divide this way and survive.  ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL?

Hang on guys you've leftme behind i haven't been able to get to a computer in a week so im really far behind. First and only thing ragnor wasn't unconsious so i made a check and i roled 13 and got a modified 18.

I have been BIG into the ICDs in the past... Lately it's been very very difficult to keep up with.


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The Weary Road Home[/i] is the first thread that I've made an effort to keep reading.  Of course, now I'm SUCKED IN reading the ICDs, damn it.

I really must apologize for my absence of late... Things in the IT department are crazy... There's a lot of work to be done, a lot of work not getting done, and a lot of finger pointing going on here. I've been in "Cover your ass" mode for about a month... and it's getting difficult...

Therefore, I chose to role play Laren in a way that I maybe wouldn't have otherwise. Since he heard that one of those dog-thingies exploded, he's been a little bit distant and doing a lot of mumbling to himself.

Just to show you how far behind I am, take a look at this. It's a screen shot of my unread posts as of right now... (Wednesday morning at 10:30ish.)


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