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--- Quote from: Blackspear ---Dale The Sandman (numerous sleep spells)

--- End quote ---

Is this a specialized spell for Dale?  I ask because I was wondering if this word would still be applicable to him when he is 10th level.


--- Quote from: himo ---Dale: sir sleeps-a-lot
--- End quote ---

how about:
Kit: the blue eyed bloned (shes all looks... go figure)
Laren: the parinoid
Mall: The tank
Macabeus: The plant speaker
Jarmok: the gaurdian
haffaveral: the sweedish (or scottish) wonder
sayer: the scribe
Dale: sir sleeps-a-lot
Ragnor: the fugitive

Interesting exercise:

Kit, The Tragedy
Maal, The Butch
Dale, The Scar
Jarmok, The Saint
Laren, The Reluctant
Sayer, The Creepy
Ragnor, The Slave


--- Quote from: fraz ---I'm confused.  Do you want us to report one noun describing just our own character, or do you want a list of all the characters from each of us as Blackspear provided.
--- End quote ---

Whichever. :)


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