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If you had to describe the characters from Threshold using one noun (using the format "The _____"), what would that word be?  The description may be their role within the group or about their person.

My examples:

Maal: The Hammer (fierce warrior)
Jarmok: The Enigma (wtf?)
Sayer: The Advisor (all he does is talk)
Kit: The Variable (emotionally unstable)
Ragnar: The Trigger (quick to act)
Dale: The Grit (bold and forceful)
Laren: The Ingress (allows access)

Laren: The kid.


--- Quote from: himo ---how about:
Kit: the blue eyed bloned (shes all looks... go figure)

--- End quote ---

Ok, there is to directions that type-o could go, and I am not sure if I should be offended for Kit or not.  :wink:

By 10th level we will be able to call Dale "Master", because no one will want to mess with him.  Sleeps spell will be a kindness and the only reason he uses them so much is that they are so effective!

Maal Brengain: The Wildlander


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