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Psionics - Imbalance or Ignorance?

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EPHB, page 54;

"....manifester level, which is equal to your psionic class level."

"A power that can be augmented for additional effect is limited by your manifester level (you can't spend more power points on a power than your manifester level."

Himo is 3rd, I mistakenly thought he was 5th (God knows why). Energy Missile (page 102) requires 3 power points. (Therefore, he cannot augment this specific power until he is 4th level +).

Effectively, he can (only) do 3d6+3 points of damage with that ability. The DC should be 10 + 2(ability level) + 4(Ragnor's 18 intelligence) for a total of DC:16. This we had right, but I wanted to include it here so I can demonstrate that this number is an easy one for higher level creatures to resist.

Note: For Mind Thrust, an ability with only a cost of 1 power point, he can augment it at +2 for 3d10 points of damage.

Kit, in turn, can now (that she is 3rd) augment Mind Thrust to 5d10 points of damage, because she is a WILDER, which is a special ability of that class [Wild Surge +2]. But fear not Ragnor, you and I are balanced as I cannot use 2nd level powers yet, and have only two powers known.

Just my two cents, as the sessions go bye, I will keep a thumb on both Ragnor and I and make sure we have a better understanding of our abilities.

THERE you go Matt.

I will go to the MSI house rules and abolish psionics due to a recent cataclysmic event.

Besides, Kit don't need no stinking psionics, she has her light crossbow!

Quick Dray, Make plans to get rid of some psioncs from your world so he can steal the idea!!

Too late... [size=18:6a6c6732c2]muhoowahahahahah [/size] :twisted:

Whoa, there! Easy guys! He can't use psionics until first one of you plan on using them anyway!


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