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Half-Elves Bite

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I did indeed. In fact, in my first round, I had them gaining the extra feat at second level, so as to not take the edge off of the human sword, so to speak.

in this case, I think that the ability to make four additional skills "Class Skills" balances that for the humans, and balances the automatic weapon proficiencies for elves. Also, the half-elf has a +2 to one of those skills, which affords some additional flexibility to customize. I like flexibility...it speaks to me.  :)

My feeling is that this package, combined with all the others (my human, and the canned elf, dwarf...) balance reasonably well. Folks will have some advantages or disadvantages based upon whatever race they choose to play.

Unless they choose to play a half-orc. Those are next on my list of things to spruce up.

I like your ideas here.  Have you considered allowing half elves to gain an extra feat at first level?


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