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Ragnor's description+background
« on: January 26, 2006, 08:40:26 PM »
Ragnor is a skinny, grey, and has spots of living crystal within his skin giving a sparkling feature to him who is also aveage hight for his people(6'1").  On the back of each of his hands is an eye representing his slavery in Xanthakos. Ragnor, if not knowing his complete background, you would assume to be a bodybuilder.  Young and agile Ragnor is a rather quiet person. He escaped Xanthakos and has been running from the shadows for two years and hasn't found relife there is still a dark side to Ragnor wandering emptyness seeking vengence to liberate his people. The hand full of friends and community of acepting people are the most prcious items to him and will defend with all his strength. He will not be taken by Xanthkos twice.