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Currency in Threshold
« on: January 19, 2006, 12:54:10 PM »
Threshold, not part of any single City-State, uses the currency of the City-States. The common names of said currencies are as follows:


Platinum: Sickle or Ten Stag
Gold: Stag
Silver: Unicorn or Corn & Cup
Copper: City Piece or City

Tri-State of Vychia

Platinum: Drac
Gold: Crown
Silver: Griffon or Grif
Copper: Peg


Platinum: Squid
Gold: Torch
Silver: Serpent Shell or Shell
Copper: Fist

Wildfire's Note: Money from Xanthakos is almost never accepted by law abiding merchants.Although, thieves with the right contacts can usually fence it...for a close to even exchange.

DM's Note: I've not yet created the money for the City-State of Maruchek. So that will be forthcoming.

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