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Between two Disciples

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After escorting Belwar and Himo to the Keep's chapel Valen and Zurn stepped through the door into the night spring air. It was still early in the season and only a few days ago there was a dusting of snow on the ground. The breeze coming off of the hips of the mountains still had winters chill and one could still see his breath flowing forth in a dissipating fog.

The warmth that the chapel offered could not only be felt on the skin but in one's spirit as it was comforting to be in a place that was finally familiar. Zurn felt as he was starting to come into his own taking an active roll in something larger in himself. He wondered if Valen, a devotee to Ehlonna, also felt the same way. Although the two were learned in differing doctrines they were still bound by the the same divine grace. Zurn felt as if he was becoming more familiar with Valen because of that or because of the recent trials of the wild. Maybe it was both.

As the two walk into the courtyard Zurn says, "Aye, Valen it'n be a good thing dat Belwar and Himo be findin' peace in th' arms of Ehlonna and be right in the head. I hafta admit, afta being da wild like we were those cots that those two be sleepin' on look fit for a king in me eyes!" Zurn laughed.

"Anyway, do y'thinkin' we should be findin' Arlen and the kitty cat or head back to the capn's to be completin' the report? I get the sense dat Arlen is a touch scatty but not much dangerous and dat the cap'n is twitchin' to be hearin' news from our travels. Waddya think?"

(OOC: This thread continued in "The Report")

Lady Corryn looked up at Valen and smiled. "It should be all right, brother." She answered him. "I have Ehlonna's shield to protect me, and this book, while clearly evil, is not an active evil, but is passive. I would have to read it carefully to unlock its powers, and I am not so much the fool as to do that." She smiled fondly at Valen, the way an older sister would to a beloved little brother. Somewhere deep inside of him, Valen had the conviction that he had known this lithe woman for most of his life.

Coris, from his seat on the far side of the desk, chuckled slightly. "No." He said. "We do not have a way to suss out shapechangers, but I will meet in the morning with my lieutenants and we will begin this address. In the meantime, should you wish, I'm sure that Lady Corryn can arrange for you to sleep guard over Belwar and Himo."

"Of course." Lady Corryn agreed smoothly.

"But we are far off course now." Coris continued. "You have half asked many questions this night, but answered none, truly." He didn't seem angry as he spoke, but merely trying to steer the discussion in the direction that he wanted it to go. "There are naturally many questions that you might have, but you've mentioned a...what...winnergo? You have flashed a symbol that I barely saw, and you say that you let a criminal go? Please, gentlemen, start from the start, and move slowly. What has happened?"

Zurn gets up, grips his flail and says, "We gotn' to be puttin' this Keep in lockdown lest the spy get away or kill another! Do ye have any way o' detectin' sumthin' like tha' Cap'n?"

Lady Corryn and the open book, with the flip of one page to another, had Valen's complete and undivided attention.

So much so that he had missed everything said since she had it slid over to her. [Well, everything except the 50xp part anyway.]

"Um...should you be doing that?" He asked.


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