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"My case is unique." Dariooq observed. "Warrior Mother is my wife of necessity. She does not make demands upon my affection and is mostly concerned with honor, respect, and preserving our people. She is a worthy woman, but our love is not so deep-seated as it might be had we chosen each other. This is not a complaint, only a statement. She and I were coupled to make strong children who could take our people forward. Are you yet mated at all?"

"The woman in my tribe are very strong. I don't think I would have the patients for two."

Dariooq shook his broad head negatively. "Not really." He rumbled. "But right now our tribe is so small that we need to do what we need to do to survive."

"Curiousity mostly. I know that there is white on almost everyone in your tribe, but it seems that nothing but white is not common."

Scale picked at his teeth briefly with a finger bone. "There are many things that are different in your culture than what I am used to. For instance, you have two wives... Is that common?"

This is one that might have happened any time over the last year or so...

"It is unusual." Dariooq agreed. "Such individuals portent great future happenings for my people. Why do you ask?"


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