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This is a discussion between Scale and ... Johan's guy... long before any of the "pilgrims" arrived on the island.

"So I was wondering," Scale said, roasting a fresh Murloc over the open flame.

"I assum it's rare for one of your kind to be completely white, is it not?"

We need to establish when this conversation takes place. If after last session, then Dariooq's response might be different. But as I said, this conversation might have happened any time over the last year or two.


"They do in fact count on me, but I am not alone in this responsibility. Numbers are not what my people lack in. Right now, they lack in courage. It's been some time now since the Hobgoblins came, but still they cower. They do not need more children, they need more hunters and warriors. I help by example." Scale pauses to tear off the roasted Murloc's other leg.

"Soon I will go back with stories of this place, and they will see it is possible to survive. Then there will be more who are willing to come away from their sanctuaries. We will finially be able to show our faces to the world again, and when the hobgoblins come back, we will be ready."

"Isn't your enitre clan depending upon you? Wouldn't it be wiser to make small ones and ensure that your people survive whether you can come back or not? Warrior Mother has given me a child, and before I left the nearly a moon ago we tried to make another. I also tried with Provider so that should I have died, there might be two additional small ones of my lineage. It about ensuring that our race continues."

"I am not. I was not very old when our existence was disrupted by the Hobgoblins. We all became scattered, and most died. I decided that given my line of work, I would not be well suited for marrage. I'll not have a family depending on me to come back when I can't promise that I will."


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