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A walk along the beach

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T'Riad finished peeling the fruit so that at the bottom there was a sort of 'peel grip' and asked, "Would anyone like some food?"

"Yes, I imagine there would be. It's strange to me that you can speak to the dark one fluently. I don't suppose you understand how you came to know his tongue? Or do you think it has to do with our blackouts? And please, let me know if my questions are too much. I'm just trying to understand. I've not really had the chance to meditate since we woke on the beach." T'Riad began to peel one of the bananas.

"I have no idea how they met, but since their people are native to this land, there must be some interaction between their folk." Erin takes a bite from her banana as they walk along.

"Well, that IS the big question isn't it? Where are they? Come to think of it where are we? I know we're on the island but where in regards to the basecamp? All will be revealed soon I think." T'Riad says.

He looks at the two natives. "How different they are from each other." , T'Riad thinks. "I wonder how they met"

"Erinalia, how did those two natives meet?"

Mel, Elberrin, and Aramil


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