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A walk along the beach

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Erinalia let herself be helped up to her feet by T'Riad.  A few tears ran down her face making her rosy cheeks glisten in the sunlight.

"Th... thank you, T'Riad. I'm... I'm sorry," she stuttered as she wiped the tears away quickly with her hands. "You're a good friend," she then blurted out with a nervous and uncertain laugh.

After brushing some of the loose sand from her knees she composed herself and accepted the fruit from her friend. "It's all just very overwhelming," she stated as she continued walking along. "I wonder why we three ended up here and where Mel and Elberrin are. I hope that they are all right!"

T'Riad looked about to see if anyone else had observed this odd event. 'Her words seem to be true'. T'Riad thought 'She is somehow connected to this place'

T'Riad hurried to help her up. She seemed so delicate that T'Riad as gently as he could grabbed her arm to help her up. He said soothingly, "In good time Erinalia you will come to understand your visions as I will come to understand mine. Patience, time and most of all wisdom will soon reveal the truth of them. When you are ready to talk I will listen."

T'Riad then tore a banana from the bunch he was carrying and peeled it to look like a droopy flower. He handed it to Erinalia and asked, "Have you ever come across a food that tastes so good you wish that you were always hungry so that you could keep eating it? My master said that such desires would skew one's judgement and disrupt one's inner balance. Still, these bananas are awfully good. Here..." T'Riad handed the fruit to her, "have some. I get the feeling it's going to be a long walk."

As Erinalia's knees hit the beach hard, T'riad watched as the sand kicked to the left and right of her, scattering into the strong breeze. But a fraction of a moment, the sand pressed directly below her lifted and carressed the side of her legs. The odd event occuring so quickly, T'riad wasn't sure of what he had seen.

Erinalia looked down at the beach sand as they walked along. The smooth, fine sand beneath her bare feet reminded her of something... maybe even someone.

"Something happened to me too, T?Riad. Something real, yet.. not real. I cannot explain it. Nor can I fully recall the experience. It is on the edge of my memory, just out of reach of my mind?s eye. Yet, I feel... different now. I know that something happened to me and that it wasn?t just a dream or my imagination."

Erin looked up at the sky then and continued after a pause, "I can recall the sensations of flying... of being a bird! It was glorious! Yet, there was much more as well, T'Riad. This island... Jhegra... is alive somehow. It has a presence and I feel somehow that I am connected to it." A surge of unexpected images flooded her mind and she suddenly, instinctively,  covered her eyes with her hands. "I don't want to remember any more right now! It?s too much! It?s too much!" she cried out as she collapsed to her knees in the sand...


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