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A walk along the beach

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The recent events had lent themselves to massive amounts of confusion for T'Riad. "What happened after entering the room of bones in the underground? How did I end up on a hill overlooking a town? How did I apparently die fighting the priest only to find that I'm very much alive? Or am I? Now I'm walking along athe beach with Garbhan, Erinalia, and two natives. Answers would be nice. If not answers then some bearings." T'Riad thought.

T'Riad was carrying some bananas for the walk. The fruits of this place were strange but quite tasty. T'Riad had gotten used to the exotic foods found on the island and bananas had become a favorite of his. He discovered that if you mashe them up with some coconut milk it makes quite an interesting beverage.

The walk so far had been very quiet. The strangeness of the two natives asking for us to see 'Orca' had put T'Riad on edge. So to still his mind he just listened to the waves kissing the sand.

At length when he had sorted the recent events he approached Erinalia, "Would you like a banana?" he said in the elven language. "Finally I have a chance to talk with you. What do you remember happening after we entered the room with the bones in the underground?"

T'Riad decided that he would offer up his experience  so that it might make Erinalia more at ease to share her experience if she did indeed have one. "I found myself on a hill overlooking a town. A hobgoblin priest then came upon me and we started to talk. Eventually we came to blows and I could feel myself dying. Even my vision faded to darkness. Yet here I am talking to you now. I might have been a dream or a vision but it seemed all too real. I can still feel the pain of the priests black magic exploding into my chest."

T'Riad paused and looked for any reaction and then continued, "Then I woke on the beach with Garbhan and you know the rest. So if you would tell me, what happened to you?"

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--- Quote from: green:3a04166508 ---Erin already accepted a banana from T'Riad...[/color]
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T'Riad takes a bite of the peeled banana and says, "Mmm...these are good. My master said one time that there is an emptiness within each of us that we only come to realize after it has been filled. Our actions born of instinct propel us to fill that void so that we can become complete. Some might say that it is fate or the will of the Gods. My master would say that you are fulfilling a destiny that your soul has created for itself so that through its' many journeys to this world it learns what it needs to pass to the next...whatever the next may be. This new personal aspect of yourself is another cobblestone on the road to the birth into the next world."

T'Riad takes another bite of the banana and says, "Great Xen, this is good. I'll bet if it's mixed with those husked fruits it would make a tasty sweet. Anyway, consider your fluency a gift to making you more of who you are. I can only talk to the lizard fellow...and he doesn't seem the sort for conversation. At least not yet. But you can talk to both of them. That's a gift! The thing about this food is that not juicey like the other fruits but they have a great flavor."

There is a long pause before Erinalia answers:

"I'm not at all sure of how I can suddenly speak these strange tongues. But it is so. I understand them completely and I can somehow respond fluently. It has something to do with this isle... As I said, I am somehow connected to it. I... I do not understand it, though, T'Riad."


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