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Temple of the Lost

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Quinton looks about to see if there is anyone beyond in the shadows waiting to ambush. "The entry into the city was perilous enough..." Quinton thought, "why should now be any different". Quinton in his earlier years was always quick to trust other people because he believed that people were at heart good. Recent events have proven to him that is not always the case. He was also cautious becasue he was in a ruined city that was once hailed for it's citizens talents for magic. At a the release of one's guard foul magic could be released and destroy his party and himself.

Quinton held up his ancestral sword and said, "Greetings mysterious one. The city is in terrible ruin. Since our entry everything we have seen has tried to attack us. Before I give you any names I would ask for some evidence that you will not befriend us only to betray us later."


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