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Temple of the Lost

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Quinton was not at all surprised by the demonstation as he already knew of their danger.

"How might one harvest this without destroying themselves?"

"Very well.   First, you must know that these stones must be handled with care.   They are quite volatile." To demonstrate this, she picks up a pebble sized bit of stone and throws it at the floor.   It explodes in a brilliant flash and makes a sharp, loud bang.   After the pink smoke clears from the room, she smiles and says, "It would be folly to drop the stones.   They could kill you."

Quinton thinks for a moment and replies, "I will not punish my friends for acts that they haven't commited. Your prophecy says that I will be betrayed but it does not tell the manner of the betrayal. If I hold back my trust in them then would I still be fit to be trusted? We all go...everyone of us."

"You will be betrayed.   It has not been written down, because like you, we do not read.    We pass our history and prophecies from verbally from generation to generation.  All of my people know that you will be betrayed.  Just as you are Brendan's son."   Elsyra looks at Quinton with sympathy in her eyes and waits for his decision.

Quinton's eyes widen and he says with surprise, "Betray me! Is this what your prophecy has foretold? I would trust my life with these people! What is the manner of the betrayal? This prophecy of yours...is it written down? I would like to hear it as it is written...if it be so."

Quinton looks back at each one of his companions unaccusingly but with a manner of slight distress.


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