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Temple of the Lost

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As the beat up party enters the Zyrithian Temple, they see a large sanctuary that is enshrouded in dust.   Their booted footsteps echo and reverberate endlessly.  

Looking straight ahead, the party can't help but notice the remains of an altar, formerly devoted to Azyrith.   Above the altar is a large stained glass window, remarkably intact.  

The scene depicted in the stained glass is of Azyrith with his armored boot on the chest of Karthos, the former god of fire, taking his Essence.  The sunlight streaming through the western facing window highlights the silver and maroon bolt of power that is emanating from Karthos and flowing towards Azyrith.   It seems as if the combatants are alive, eternally trapped within the glass, acting out Azyrith's greatest triumph in perpetuity.

Awestruck by the beauty and power of the window, the party can't help but feel the presence of greatness within the temple.   As they stare at the stained glass, they hear the sound of stone sliding on stone.   Soon they notice the altar begin to move to the side.

As the party scrambles for cover, they notice a small human like figure, seemingly rise from the floor where the altar once stood.   As the mysterious figure reaches the top of the staircase, it turns to face the adventurers.   "Long have we awaited your presence, son of Brendan."  The voice is raspy and not much louder than a whisper, but it is distinctly female.   "It has been foretold that you would seek the path through darkness to find the light....

"Come, you and your friends need assistance.   We shall aid you..."

At that moment, the companions notice many more figures surrounding them.  These beings are all of diminutive stature, wearing rags and random pieces of armor, that look to be hundreds of years old.   Many have cloaks with deep cowels, a few wear ancient helmets, others have their faces wrapped in veils, but none of them show their faces.

In a non threatening way, the little people herd the party towards the altar and the woman standing in front of it.

Despite her tiny size, the woman carries herself with the bearing of a great one.   She looks at Quinton and says, "My name is Elsyra.  I am the Great Mother of these people.   What is your name, son of Brendan?"

Quinton smirked at Flea's display. It was just what these people needed he thought. He was still a bit resentful that their prophecy had foretold of a betrayal from a friend in his company. This display offered up the possibility that they could be wrong about that.

"As you can see," Quinton said, "It most certainly can be."

"That cannot be.   It has been foretold that we would mine the last of the mage stone in the world.   We have done that.   We fulfilled our destiny."   She looks to Elizabeth and Quinton as if she had just been told that she had a third eye that she never known about.

Flea steps forward, rummaging through his pack (of treasures) and produces a fistful of the "pink stuff".    "This is the stone that we discovered.    Aside from a slightly lighter color, its the same stuff."    Taking a small pebble, smaller than the one Elsyra threw, he throws it to the floor.   This time however, the explosion is far greater than when Elsyra threw hers a moment before.  

After the dust settled and the shock of the explosion wore off, its plain to everyone, that Flea actually put a small hole into the stone floor.

Quinton looked to Elizabeth and turned back and said, "My people have found a cache of this 'Mage Stone' in a cave far to the north of here. The properties of this stuff has has filled my people with doubt in it's harvesting. Understandably they don't want to destroy themselves in mining it. So how do  we mine it without bringing our destruction?"

Quinton was reaching desperation. He wanted to blow the Deltharites back across the ocean or destroy them trying. The Mage Stone was an equalizer for his thinning forces. Without it, his campaign for his people's freedom was in danger of ending before it began.

"It is of no consequence, because we have mined the last of it."  Elsyra looks at Quinton with sorrow in her eyes.  "My people have fulfilled their destiny."


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