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A Quiet Suggestion

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As the company seemed to be disintegrating there in the forest, a small, hollow voice came to Arlen's ear just loud enough for him to hear.

"You know, I just had a thought." Beloved said, standing close beside the young half-elf. She barely came to his waist. "I might have a way to protect you from the Wendigo curse, should your companion manage to infect you."

Beloved smiled agian at Arlen. "I said that this might be a way to protect you. It's the best that I can do for this particular problem. But yes, I can do the same any who want it."

Arlen noted that a tiny spot of blood appeared on each of the fingertips that Beloved had kissed so tenderly.

Arlen responds after Beloved has finished:

"Hmmm! I... I feel a tingling in my hand and arm. Is this good, Beloved? Am I protected now? Could you, perhaps, tell me how I am protected? I didn't recognize the song that you were humming"

Then after a slight pause, "And would you be able to grant the same protection on Zurn as well?"

Beloved smiled up at Arlen and took his large hand in her two tiny ones. Her touch was cold, and gentle. She began humming an unknown melody and splayed his fingers, running her delicate digits between his. Her huming turned into a soft and melodious song that was as unknown to the half-elf as the melody had been.

Beloved, in a calm, ceremonial manner (much as though she were casting a spell, Arlen noted), kissed each of Arlen's finger tips in turn. Her little lips were warm and firm. A gentle, comfortingly warm tingle spread up Areln's hand and into his arm.

Arlen glances down from Beloved's hand to his own. He is unsure as to whether she wants his hand palm up or palm down... Finally, he places his right hand palm up on top of hers. He then looks at her face to gauge her expression and hopefully determine if he's made the correct choice.


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