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Together in Confusion


Zurn looked about in confusion. Himo had defiantly and brazenly marched off into the woods. It was clear to Zurn that wasn't the wisest move. Actions in desperation rarely are. "Our options are getting thin", Zurn thought. "Beloved had done what she could to help us but perhaps we didn't ask the right questions. Or perhaps we overlooked the widom in her words. Whatever the case we need to do something. Time is sprinting away from us".

Zurn figured that he'd ask, "So, does anyone hava any ideas on'a what we ought to be doin' aboot our situation? We gots to be doin' sumthin' fas' or Himo and Belwar'll be...well ya know."

At the mention of Himo's name, Mirri looked in the direction where he had gone.  She could no longer hear Himo pushing through the thick underbrush.

She stretched and stood, frowning.  "He should not travel alone so deep into the woods.  I will bring him back."

Mirri's search for the elf is continued in "Finding Himo."


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