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Finding Himo

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This would take place shortly after Himo left the group.

Mirri stretched from her curled position near a tree.  She had watched Himo march off into the thick woodlands.  Her initial assumption was that Himo was attending to some personal business, and would soon return.  As the sound of Himo's pushing through the growth was no longer heard, Mirri frowned.  Why would he travel so deeply into the woods just to pee?

Mirri rose and interupted Arlen's discussion with Beloved.  "Himo is travelling too deep into the woods.  It is not safe.  I will bring him back."

With that, she hoisted her spear to her side and trotted into the woods, moving in the direction that Himo have travelled.

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Mirri turns, and leads Himo back to camp.

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"ummmmm........ ok!" Himo say enthusticly. "i'll come back and travle with you some while longer and go to the river."

"Well," Mirri pauses before answering.  "I think part of the problem is the next full moon is several days away.  Even if we arrive to the river, we will still need to wait for the full moon."

Mirri looks around.  "I understand the urgency on getting your infection cured," she says looking back at Himo, "but perhaps marching in the woods alone may not be the best couse of action.  Why don't you come back to the camp, and we can all travel together?  Meow."


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