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what's next?

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Do we have any idea where we're going next?

Our options seem to be:

1: Camp out on the bank of the river until the next full moon and watch as Belwar snacks on Zurn (and Himo (if he returns) eats off Arlen's arm).

2: Limp back to the Keep in defeat hoping to find help there...

3: Press onward to the city hoping that Belwar can make it and that we'll find help there (and somehow catch up to Himo on the way?).


that might be in the DMG.

Ding, dang. I must have mis-read that chapter.

Thanks for looking it up.

As near as I can tell from the books it goes something like this:

Any and all character classes and races while debating the flavor of their fellows and seeking a vague immortal but useless bog witch while traveling through a tedious skunk swamp maze gain the ability to move a million miles an hour.

I think that's in chapter 8.

Could someone do me a favor and look into the movement rates and how they vary depending upon whether you're walking on a road or over untamed forest?

I could really use this information. Well, actually, you could really use this information.



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