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That's what he said... but he's asking if the max still stays low. I imagined that it would not because the only reason it's low to begin with is because 1 skill point = 1/2 a rank... '

If you think that getting rid of the cross class... ness... all together would over-balance, a thought might be to make 1 skill point = 1 rank, but keep the maximum ranks per level low on the skills that were cross classed...

For example, you can buy two ranks at first level using two skill points, but if the skill was cross class, then you can only buy 2 ranks at first level.

See what I mean?

Aye...you are correct sir. For humans there is no such thing as a cross class skill

OOoo, that's a good question...

/me waits in eager anticipation.

To clarify, page 62 of the PHB says that for every point you spend on a skill, you get a 1/2 rank. That I assume is not longer, 1 skill point = 1 rank point.

However, is the maximum rank in cross-classed skills also raised?

In other words, at first level (human) can I have a maximum rank in a class skill of 4 and a maximum rank in a cross-class skill of 4?


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