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So I'm thinking...

I am trying to break old habbits. I've always had a character that's been  fairly well "Balenced" in my mind. a decent melee weapon, some sort of ranged, and fair armor. This usually means some sort of fighter.

I know that we've all been playing a long time, some more than others, and we know how to seperate what we know from what our characters know, so I'm not going to be all secretive about what my character is. If you want to remain in the dark about whatever I end up with for a character, do not read further! Based on the info that Drew has given me, Here's what I have been thinking:

Psionics is something that I have never really had much experience, nor love for... however, it's a lot different now than it had been. I have borrowed the book from Drew, but I have not had the time to read it just yet. I plan on doing some of that this weekend. Because it's easier, I would like to ask questions from you guys that the book would answer... Can a psionicist be just a regular-seeming character? can they use weapons/armor? I think I would like to do something like a battlemage/psionicist. What sorts of problems would a class like this run into?


now that's what i call taking the initiative  :wink:


--- Quote from: Fraz ---Isn't it possible to upload the maps to griznuq.com as well?
--- End quote ---

Yeah, it is. It's just that I would have to do it... which of course I have no problem with. I believe that I had said that in the last thread, but I can't remember exactly. What I am thinking about doing, and let me know if this is something you would be interested in, is give you guys some ftp access so that you CAN put images up in your own space. Let me know. if this is something that you would want, I would then post a "how to" including uploading and referencing here in the forums.

That's fine. Maybe we could put a link on Griznuq referencing the maps on Kulgar instead of a direct channel.


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