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Session 7.5: Elberrin

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His protective magics were gone.

Elberrin in an instant realized he was in trouble. Although the arrow was true to its mark, Zarchon or an ally must have counter-attacked. For all of his protective magic, including the magic that allowed him flight were dispelled. As the ground rushed to meet him he had only one more moment to cast a spell.

To his shocked dismay, the spell didn?t even fizzle.

?Amalia Orndeir do not fail me,? was Elberrins? last thought before he crashed into the street.

YES! "Long-time-to-craf-arrow" for the win! I SO r00l!!

Er, uh... done reading.

It was but a small moment in time.

A moment owned by Elberrin.

As his body began its devastating descent to the street below, he became the plan of action drawn in his mind. In blink of an eye his body was parallel with the ground below that was now as deadly an enemy as his target. His bow was already in his hand, the other already stringing the deadly arrow that took so long to craft. For a blink in that moment he flew.

As Elberrin passed the balcony he rolled airborne into an almost standing position, with his legs bent below him. It would more difficult to retain the control of the drop after the shot, but he needed to take no chance with the one attempt he had. He released the arrow at his unaware target standing on the balcony.

The moment after Elberrin?s mind was able to catch up to what he had witnessed. He had won. The arrow had hit its mark, piercing the chest.

Zarchon Blacklock was no more.

Just so you know, I've read and understand. Ready for the next one.


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