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Session 7.5: T'riad

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Klairgaireous looked upon T?riad with a raised heavy brow. T?riad was ready for anything the priest may deliver. ?Erythnul be damned, the beast even had muscles in his eyebrows,? he thought as he started to think of the best way out of this situation.

?Mistake me for that degree of an aggressor do you? Whom is the trespasser T?riad?? Klairgaireous asked, a low growl deep within his chest. So forceful was the sound T?riad could feel vibrations emanating from him.


T?Riad wondered who the master was. It was odd for T?Riad to hear someone else refer to a master that wasn?t his. He wished more than ever that he had his Masters guidance right now. This priest was beginning to ask questions that T?Riad did not want to answer. He did have a sense of loyalty to those that he?s traveled with. He spent four months on a boat with them. He had been in immediately dangerous situations with them in the underground. Betrayal of the people he had come to know would not sit well with him. He had more obligation to them than he did this priest. Despite the fact that T?Riad had no interest in the mission for this island he could not in good conscious hand over those that he came to know as friends.

T?Riad righted himself and stood up straight and proud. Although still on the defensive he had to stand his ground. ?I will not tell you anything that would allow you to assess the strength of these people. If you wish to know more then you?ll have to find out for yourself.?, T?Riad said. He knew this could cause the priest to act aggressively but T?Riad had built his whole life on principle and discipline. If he gave that up now the rest of life could very well be meaningless. He was prepared to fight and die if necessary.


?You are led by those who would keep secrets from their own if this is your belief.? Klairgaireous said solemnly. Even though he stood an easy ten paces away, T?riad did not doubt the orc could not snatch him in a blink. He had the look of a creature ready and capable to pounce, despite the robes he wore.

?None of the outside world had stepped anew onto this land for a thousand years. Nor could the probability of it be in dispute, for it is a truth known to me and those that would trick you.? Klairgaireous paused, and for the first time in the conversation moved, gesturing with his palm facing T?riad, as he said, ?the great barrier did not bear fools.?

He lowered his hand and studied T?riad for a moment. ?I will not bear witness to my judgement of you. I shall accord you the hospitality of trust, for your words ring of truth despite the falsehood that is its seed. If commerce is the final destination, my kind will extract its own price and good will come to fruition for both are people. If the Master allows.?

T?riad was about to ask a question on this, but was pre-empted.

As he turned his gaze to the west he asked, ?How many of you are here? Do you have women and children amongst you?? His gaze was focused towards the setting sun of the horizon. T?riad realized without absolute clarity, it was toward the Outpost. Although the intonation of Klairgaireous speech did not change, the question sent a shiver up his spine.

[OOC note, although the sun was just rising in the east, it is now quite unexpectedly and suddenly setting in the west. This being a quasi-reality, the time jump is noticed, but not noted by T?riad at this time. Like in a dream, he is aware of the flaw, but pays no heed or concern to it]


T?Riad was amazed at the priests sophistication. He well understood the value of a society wanting to keep its solitude. He had grown up in a removed way of life himself. He respected the intentions of this priest. Again he didn?t want to betray his companions and the convoy. Neither did he want to disrespect the priests way of life. T?Riad was torn. He had come out here to find new ground and challenges. He never expected this sort of challenge.

T?Riad answered, ?You may find commerce a flip response but it is nevertheless the truth. They simply want to respectfully partake in some of what the island offers?in part a fresh start. These people are also here to uncover the mystery surrounding this island. Many times in the past have they sent pioneers to tame the wildness here and every time was met with failure. That sort of situation makes these people thirsty for answers. Peace is what they seek, not war. To make war would only bring more of them to find answers and perhaps make more war.?

T?Riad thought again and said, ?If it were your people lost never to have returned would you not be curious about their fate??

T?Riad had hoped that turning the situation on the priest would somehow make him understand the nature of the convoy. His studies had given him the sense that war would somehow be inevitable regardless of either people?s intentions. Such has been the way of their nature for thousands of years. T?Riad suddenly felt sad at that fact. Still, he had to try and keep peace?sweet, seductive peace.


The hobgoblin retained his serious tone, his answer didn?t skip a beat after the question. ?Commerce is a flip response. You speak to betray the time consumed by the endeavor, or consider it either an unvalued commodity or one that should be hidden. I am no simpleton traveler. My own understanding of your journey would pale in experience, but would enlighten you on the effort.?

Kalirgaireus turned his head and his gaze back to T?riad.

?Your query posed speaks volumes. Now I am of an opinion to the state of your previous knowledge of my people. This opinion disturbs. An encroacher should tread lightly upon land marked as home by another for a thousand years.? His serious demeanor showed no hint of smile or welcome that it had started with.

?Disappointment consumes as sudden expectations of conflict escalate. It is dual and layered in its sadness, since all could have been thwarted by proper preparation.? Klairgaireous turned back to the village as T?riad waited with a held breath.

?I am reminded by my own thoughts of the reason behind the title of this conversation,? Klairgaireous broke in a small smile. T?riad almost sighed aloud with relief. ?This is first contact. Perhaps all is not lost just yet.?
Klairgaireous turned his serious gaze back to T?riad, the smile gone as quickly as it had appeared.

?Why are your people here T?riad Shy?Eve?? he asked.


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