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Session 7.5: T'riad

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T?Riad quickly pondered the question knowing that the quicker the answer the more viable it seemed. Not that he was going to lie, but neither would he exactly spell out the entire truth. He had respect for the truth but realized that he had to dance his way towards a peaceful answer and not endanger the lives of those he had come to know.

T?Riad answered as honestly and as even-toned as he could, ?These people are here for commerce and answers. How long have your folk been here on this island?? T?Riad hoped that his question would be met with an answer and not some sort of reprimand. He was just as curious about the priest as the priest was about the convoy.


Klargaireus spoke again in perfect common, his voice a deep baritone, ?The honor may yet be mine,? he said with a bow. ?Welcome to Jhaegra T?riad Shy?Eve. I have watched over you and your brethren on our coast to the west, you are indeed an adventurous sort aren?t you??

As Klairgaireus took his stare away from T?riad, he took a step towards the village and returned his gaze upon it. T?riad sensed the question more an observation and waited patiently for Klargaireus to continue.

?First question,? he started as he watched below. T?riad noted that the villagers were not aware of their presence up on the high hill, or didn?t care. ?Why are you and your people here??

T?riad thought the welcoming to Jhaegra was friendly enough, but the question had a hint of danger. One thing ran echoed in his mind, ?on our coast to the west?.

Upon hearing the voice T?Riad instinctively grabs his Kamas and spins into a defensive crouch. His years of training with his master caused him to react in such ways. He found it odd that this huge, seemingly clumsy beast could have crept up on him with out him hearing it. T?Riad kept a stoic face to his surprise at the Hobgoblins vestments and demeanor. He quickly scanned the hulk looking for any signs or symbols that would mark him as the priest he said he was.

T?Riad was hit with a bit of confusion at the Hobgoblins intent. If he had meant to cause harm he surely would have done so while T?Riad was looking at the town. What was this Hobgoblins motives, T?Riad wondered. Was he from the town below? Was he somehow connected to the hobgoblins in the underground? Worse still, did he know about the settlers on the beach?

These thoughts flashed instantly through T?Riad?s mind in that one scan of sizing up this unexpected guest. Breaking the following silence to the Hobgoblins self introduction T?Riad says, ?High Priest Windhammer, I am T?Riad Shy?Eve, Brother Monk of the Order of the Eight. I know not yet if it is an honor to make your aquaintence. I am, however, honored with the grace of your introduction.?

T?Riad hoped his words would diffuse any unpleasant encounter with this priest. He had seen what priests could do with their divine persuasions back at the monastery. Windhammer being a High Priest surely would have been able to do much harm if he so chose. He had also understood that Hobgoblins were not widely renowned for their hospitality to elves. Whatever would come to pass T?Riad was quite prepared to defend himself against this Klargaireus Windhammer. Again, T?Riad was puzzled by this Hobgoblin High Priest?especially his last name. It didn?t seem much like a Hobgoblin name at all. It seemed more like what would be described as a Dwarven name. Then again, nothing about this Hobgoblin seemed typical.

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Any other person would have jumped out of his skin, T?riads? training kept his flesh where it belonged. He turned to see a very tall hobgoblin standing only a few feet to his right and slightly behind him. The hobgoblin did not turn to face him, but simply continued to gaze at the village below.

A very unusual hobgoblin.

Standing over seven feet tall, he was almost twice T?riads elven frame. His most striking feature was two magnificent dark grey horns, similar to the shape of a rams. Each horn protruded from the side of a temple, from underneath long jet black hair, and curved back behind his ears, then forward under the jaw line. They ended in neatly upturned sharpened spikes right next to his massive eye teeth that projected from his lower jaw. Thick hair that was combed straight, and oiled to stay in place as it flowed to the middle of his back. At the end of its? length it was tied with long leather straps, the remaining slack hanging further still. His grey skin was far darker in pigment than T?riad would have expected on a hobgoblin. The iris of his eyes was dark purple and contained a hint of a smile, even as the hob was lost in a thought. His sunken nose-less face was typical of a hobgoblin, and was the significant feature that T?riad identified him as such.

The dark purple robes and vestments he wore were not marked with any holy symbol or glyphs, but portended to be priest in style. The clothing was also very neatly pressed and surprisingly clean. They covered an obvious massive frame.

T?riad didn?t know what to think, he had never before heard of such a hobgoblin, he in fact wasn?t sure if he was a hobgoblin at all.

?My name is Klargaireus Windhammer, First Order of Jhaegra, High Priest,? the hobgoblin stated. He then turned to face T?riad.

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