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Session 7.5: T'riad

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T?riad woke with a start. He had trained as a monk his entire life, for as long as he could remember he could sense the passing of his consciousness from the dream-world into the physical one. He sat up in fear, for this time, he had not.

He was sitting on the very peak of a very steep hill top, as if the gods had picked him up in the night, and placed him there. He tried to focus as he stood, working away the webs of sleep to ease his confusion as to how he found himself here, but the question remained unanswered. He not had no recollection of the previous night and couldn?t even remember what he had done yesterday at all.

He faced the rising sun, that seemed so close at this height, and was just barely peaking over the mountains to his east. Quickly looking around to get his bearings he was immediately awestruck by the beauty of where he was, forgetting for the moment as to why he was lost. He appeared to be about a thousand feet atop a steep, but grassy hill, with many hills like it surrounding him. Distant mountains were to the east, they rose to much greater heights. As his eyes worked right to left along the horizon, he realized he was in a hilly and expansive valley. The ring of high mountains, with snow-top peaks, surrounded him in every direction of the compass.

When he looked down in the valley to the southwest, he realized he was no longer near the Outpost. Below him, in a pocket between the hill he was standing on, and two others, was the most interesting village he had ever laid eyes upon.


As he was a foot from making contact with Klairgaireous throat, time blinked and slowed down. All physical events instantly diminished into a surreal slowed form. T?riad had no idea of what power had been summoned, but his enemy appeared to be affected as well. He was unsure if physical time had slowed or his mind had quickened, but he watched every moment proceeding with perfect clarity.

He realized that all his training was not enough for this moment. It was though, enough training to identify to him his failure. The day he left his Master spoke the words, ?Balance exists as a greater thought. That thought is made of multitude of all the experiences of nature, science and divinity. There are extremes to those variables, and the polar opposites are not always equal. For balance is sometimes achieved by the power of median quantity overcoming the extreme.?

T?riad needed his whole monastery to overcome this extreme.

His failure was not anticipating his enemy?s attack, for he had done so, it was miscalculating that this beast had not already factored in his own. Klairgaireous massive dark gray hand was resting square on his chest, the blue energy already surging from the hobgoblin?s dark soul.

Because of the curse of the faded time, T?riad felt the cold blue sorcery as it slowly invaded his chest cavity. The flashing lightning like energy started to turn the blood in his veins to ice. The pain was excruciating. As his lifeblood flowed from the other parts of his body, it crashed into veins and solidified. With nowhere to go, the blood exploded the precarious connection between the healthy vein, and its frozen extension, creating more damage.

And Klairgaireous was still channeling the energy into him! What would have killed him in an instant, was now going to kill him over many long agonizing moments. He realized his fist would not connect to its target, for he would be dead before it could make its mark.
As his entire chest became frozen with the flowing deadly energy, his crashing lifeblood exploded internally. He felt his kinetic energy of his fist, albeit slowed, falter. His mind would soon follow his heart in defeat.

With the ability to focus and analyze his own death, T?riad vowed to be a student of balance to the very end, forcing his eyes to commit and not close.

He felt the innards of his chest cavity explode out his back under the shoulder blades, the incredible pain reaching a pinnacle. His eyes started to lose focus as his mind started to lose its abilities with the engine of his heart destroyed.

Suddenly, even though time had not amplified, a large form rose up behind Klairgaireous. As T?riad tried to force his eyes to focus, time snapped back to normal. As it did so, T?riad was flung backward a great distance, landing on the hillside with his ravaged back, his feet higher than his head.

Klairgaireous screamed in pain. T?riad summoned the last of his energy to focus upon the large form holding the beast aloft, but alas, T?riad?s destroyed body could no longer contain his spirit. The strength within the muscles on his neck gave way and he died before his head hit the grass on the hill.


It no longer mattered what T?Riad had hoped would come of this meeting. It was quite clear to him that it had become what he expected it would?a duel. Klairgaireous was clearly the aggressor in this meeting. Nothing that led to this no mattered it was time to react with full clarity on the events at hand.

T?Riad saw the blue energy in the priests hand spark and glow. T?Riad knew that he was probably far quicker than Priest and decided that he would attack before the priest gave him a taste of his dark magic.

T?Riad sprung forth into a diving roll leaving his Kamas on the ground as he tumbled into arms reach of the priest. For years he had practiced stunning an opponent with a precise blow from his fist. Now was the the moment that his timing had to be flawless. T?Riad came up in front of the priest and let his fist fly with controlled rage.


Klairgaireous? low growl rolled from his chest as he spoke, ?Many assumptions in your words.?

The monstrous horned hobgoblin quickly turned, squaring shoulders with the much smaller monk. T?riad already sensed the attack and crouched into a defensive position that would allow him a dodging roll to his left. Klairgaireous raised his massive right hand over his head, as he did so T?riad watched in dismay a dark blue energy sizzle across the surface of the beasts gray skin.

?History is written by the victors!? He yelled aloud.

The deep vibrating growl in his chest burst forth from him and transformed into a guttural incantation.

T?riad was ready.


T?Riad?s hands tightened around his Kamas. His arm muscles felt as if they would burst from his skin. He would rather get back to the camp to tell the others of this encounter. He was fairly confident that his running exercises every morning would soon pay off if he was given a chance to flee. Flee was what he did and did not want to do. He needed to inform the others but if he had to fight he wondered how he would do. Right now he had fight with words. ?An aggressor? No I do not take you for an aggressor based on your dealings with me so far. But your questions indicate that your curiosity might lead to aggressive actions towards my companions in the future. As for the trespasser?I do not know the history between your kin and those that were here before us. It would seem that we would be the trespassers but the history of such matters must be taken in account fully in order for me to make a fair judgment.?

T?Riad wanted to end this conversation before he mistakenly released information this priest might find valuable. It was just a matter of control. ?Still your shaken mind??  master used to tell him. ?Fear is the mind killer?? master would always say in martial training. T?Riad had to calm his nerves. It was possible betrayal, not death, that made him nervous. Death was final, betrayal one had to live with.


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