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Session 7.5: Erinalia


Erin sat at the edge of the slowly advancing water, the warm gentle surf of the harbor lightly massaging her small toes. It was yet another beautiful morning on the Isle. Although the sun wouldn?t peak over the mountains until later that morning, she sensed it would be yet another warm and pleasant day. T?riad was unusually late for their morning exercises. She didn?t mind. She wrapped herself in the solitude of the moment. A moment almost perfect, as time, nature and the land sung in a quiet melody. If it were not for a hidden thought tugging at the corner of her mind, she would think herself in a sanctuary blessed by all the deities of nature. She quickly waved off the concern as a simple forgotten responsibility that would reveal itself inevitably.

Instead, she tried to commune, so as to get closer to a moment of solitude and clear her mind in preparation for the new day. It was surprisingly rare to get some time alone on this Isle, more the reason to take advantage of this moment.

She crossed her legs at the ankles in front of her and closed her eyes, and quickly lost herself in the sounds of the beach. The surf of the inner harbor lapped the sand at her feet. Eagles, who prospered in the mountains surrounding the harbor, screamed as they dove at bountiful prey. The breeze caressed the leaves in Erin?s hair, before it continued its journey to the jungle a hundred feet to her south at the end of the beach.

The sand below her filled with a warm energy, as if an underground fire was heating the ground directly below her. At first, the sand didn?t shift, only the energy swirled in a whirpool under her, increasing in speed in its circular motion.

It started as only a warm sensation, swirling directly around her buttocks and legs, but soon the sand surrendered to the energy and slowly shifted underneath her as well. Although it felt as if this were part of her communion, she had no knowledge of what it meant or how to proceed. Not wanting to disrupt this new experience, she only watched as her legs dipped under the surface of the whirlpool. Despite her fear, she didn?t resist since the caressing currents of the energy pulled on her gently.

She again tried to clear her mind, wanting to let events happen without interruption from her interference. It worked again, but this time in a frightening way not at all expected. Her wisp spirit returned to the empty vessel of her body, while at the same time the essence of the communion with the eagle was painfully ripped away. For a moment everything went black as the wisp was absorbed into the shell that was her flesh. It dissolved into nothing within the shell of her body.

And for a brief moment Erin was dead.

With a violent shudder her spirit became the unbroken fuse for the life spark within her body. As it did she felt as if her consciousness fought to reach the surface of the physical world. She suddenly opened her eyes and gasped for air as if returning from some great ocean depth. She quickly realized that the physical sensations felt by her body were now even more intense.

She was up to her waist, now completely vertical, with only her upper half exposed to the air. Her lower body enveloped in a warm cocoon of energy swirling in the sand of the beach. Multiple small currents of it flowed around her legs from her toes to her waist. She was soon able to successfully fight back the panic generated from what had happened to her. The soft soothing sand, which felt alive, massaged her, comforting her. She leaned her lower body into it, trying to regain the focus she had and begin the deeper level of communion anew.

Her breathing became quick, her head arched back and her fingers gripped at the soft sand seeking purchase. The vibration wihin the sand felt incredible. She rocked her hips back and forth against it, feeling a surge within her wanting to come forth.

Suddenly she realized what was happening to her, for there was no part of her skin below the waist the currents missed. ?This was not a communion, it was a violation,? she thought. Her face felt hot, and she started to look around for a way to escape, the embarrassment overpowering the sensations that didn?t let up. It felt like the energy in the sand was teasing her, trying to get her back to where she had been.

She soon realized, that all attempts to free herself were futile, there simply wasn?t any leverage to push from or object to grab onto to in order to let her out of the sand.

Her breathe quickened, this time in panic. Too many odd events were unfolding, she no longer felt in control of what was occurring around her. ?Is this supposed to happen?? she thought. She grasped the question and tried to use it as a buoy to stabilize her spirit while she got her bearing, hoping that the thought would even banish her from the communion and back to the physical world.

It didn?t work, real terror set in, as many questions rose to her mind and she realized that she was stranded. She would not be freed unless nature ?decided? to let her go. She tried to pull herself from the sand that still held her, she could feel now the energy?s need, and it seemed to be more forceful in what it wanted. Erin reached down with a hand, scared she would not able to pull it back, but more horrified if she didn?t use it for cover.

When she did so she sank up to her chest. She let out a small scream as she had dropped quicky. The sand and energy became violent. The currents stripped her of her clothing, tearing it away from her with such ferocity that the clothes that didn?t tear instead ripped at her skin. The sand, swirled upwards and directly in front of her face, only inches away. For a moment she thought it meant to drown her. Instead, it reshaped into a detailed visage of a muscular elf. The face of the elf was long, with a strong jawline, sharp chiseled features that included ears that extended behind his head about six inches and ended with sharp point. The sand-shaped eyebrows feathered into his massively thick hair that cascaded behind him, the sand falling as it flowed, only to be instantly replaced with more. The high muscular cheekbones rose as the thing grimaced in an evil smile.

As the sand thing opened its eyes Erin screamed, for beyond the sand eyelids were to black stone eyes, so black the light around her was being pulled into them.

?Hello Erinalia, my name is Brennon. Do not be scared, it has to be this way.? It said in a hollow far-away voice.

The head advanced on her as she felt the forms' ?arms? wrap around her own form swimming in the sand. As its mouth enclosed upon hers, she and it sank under the surface. The sand beasts? lips caressed her while the form?s body pressed hard against her. As she felt Brennon press its anatomy into her hip she panicked and ripped her face away from his. It didn?t let go and she soon found herself drowning in the liquid sand.

It grabbed the back of her head and forced her lips upon his again. Gasping for air she realized that it was coming from Brennon?s own mouth. With no where else to turn she breathed him in deeply. With the air, came the essence of who he was.

The true communion was reached and Erinalia slipped away from the physical world.

As she floated disembodied, she channeled her meditative focus through the shell of her body. It became the epicenter of the communion between her spirit and the nature?s living essence that was around her. She would find it difficult later to put words too, as she could not see the anything physically happening between her body and this essence. It was physically intangible, but from the vantage point of her disembodied spirit, she could sense many tendrils of invisible energy generated by the communion. These tendrils fed upon her focus upon the nature around her, much as a flame would grow upon a dry piece of wood. As she focused, these tendrils extended in a larger and larger radius around her, in affect her focus fanned the flame.

As the tendrils grew they became thinner and longer, reaching far up into the sky and into the ocean, seeking, as if having a mind of their own. One of them found purchase, an eagle soaring overhead. Although its? body was part of the physical world, its? life force was an integral part of the new world she had discovered. Instinctually, she projected part of the communion to the eagle, in an attempt to possess it.

Her life force surrounded the life force in the eagle, and again with a lack of better words to describe the sensation, she felt as if she were playing a human game called piggy-back.

At first the dual-layered, triple-identity was extremely disorienting. Not only was she receiving the enhanced physical sensations of the eagle?s form, but she still felt everything her body experienced below. The third identity was her own disembodied spirit, which didn?t experience any physical sensations, but was always watching, giving her double vision layered with the eagle?s sight.

Somehow, she worked her way through all of the sensations and began to make sense of it all.

The act of flight upon the warm winds of the Isle was fantastically exhilarating. From below, her spirit watched as her body, linked in the communion, shared the joy of it. Lifting her arms up and arching her head back to mimic the high soaring flight of the eagle above. As the eagle turned, she also saw through its eyes, catching the first glimpse of her body sitting on the sand below. Unexpectedly, she also saw that her focal point for this communion was not just a disembodied spirit, but a wisp floating beside her half-elven form.

Reacting to what she saw through the eagles? eyes, she transferred her possession to her body below, giddy with the new discovery. While still in communion with the eagle, she opened her half-elven eyes and turned towards her disembodied spirit floating beside her. It took another moment to sort through the triple vision she attained, but somehow, she was able too. As she focused on the wisp tears welled in her eyes at the beauty and marvel of what she was experiencing.

She was three; an eagle, a half-elven girl and a wisp! All of nature?s essence in this alternate plane was now lightly touching her. Tendrils were now caressing the trees and plants of the jungle. They also reached out into the bay, brushing schools of fish, turtles, seaweed and carbs.  She soon lost sense of time as she projected into each entity, feeling and exploring the sensations of all manners of flora and fauna, animal and insect.

Hours went bye. Although her body had gone without nourishment or any real movement, she was not hungry or tired. Although the bird had soared for hours, it was not weary. She was sure she could be here as long as she wanted too, and she hungered for more.

Then, everything went wrong, and the dream turned into a nightmare.

She fell into the communion so seamlessly and with so little effort, that she was startled, almost breaking her concentration. In the fleeting moment she reprimanded herself for her surprise and then instinctively focused inward. She had lost nothing in the moment of hesitation and quickly found herself in a deep trance. One never attained in her young life. Her body became empty of emotion and concern for the concerns she shared with those on the Isle. She was now a vessel to be filled with the liquid spiritual essence of the land around her. Never before had she achieved this type of meditative state, her druid teachers had once said that there were no words for this level of communion. Now she understood why.

Despite this achievement, moments went bye without any change, and she became concerned about on what to do next. She became worried that she wasn?t doing something correctly. The spirit of the land did not flow to her as expected, and she remained in somewhat of a stagnant state, peaceful though it was.

Suddenly, with an odd tingling sensation that flashed through every inch of her skin, her spirit projected away from her. She found herself floating a few feet away from the now completely empty vessel of her body. Although she could see in every direction at once, which itself was disconcerting, she could only focus on the beach a few feet around her. Beyond that, everything was cast in a hazy shadow. Without understanding where she attained the knowledge, she knew she had stepped in between two different worlds.

Although disembodied, and looking upon herself sitting on the sand as if in a dream, she was still linked to the physical sensations her body experienced. Alarmingly, those senses had also increased a tenfold. She watched as the breeze from the physical world passed through her hair, but could still feel and sense each strand as it touched the back of her neck. She could feel every inch of clothing that touched her skin. It was as if time slowed down as the water from the surf filtered through her toes and retreated. The enhanced awareness and sense of self revitalized her mind which raced to keep up with the sensations around her. She realized her body was now a conduit for the communion. In an attempt to delve further into the experience she focused her attention upon the empty vessel and then suppressed her thoughts. She was trying to be attentive to the situation without analyzing it, somehow knowing that direct thought was hindering the communion.

It worked.


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