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Session 7.5

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I will be posting a 7.5 session for each character within "MSI In Character discussions".

Please do not respond (post) to the session until I give the all clear. I will be making many entries into each thread. You will undoubtably have MANY questions and a couple of "What the Huh?!", but please be patient.

I will also be taking some liberties as DM in judging how your characters would respond in the situations you find yourselves. But there is an explanation for this, which will become known to you as we play on. Please do not take offense as I in some ways role-play your characters. It is the outcome of these little individual stories that is important in this situation, and not the situations themselves.

OH, and if you need as a player to read the stories (posts) of the other players, please be at liberty to do so.

As a side note, this weekend, and I say this here so it goes on record, I will be entering all descriptions into each Session as required by the very patient Johan and Fraz.

If one of you could take a stab at our recent Session 7, it would be much appreciated.


I didn't get T'riads END POST of Session 7.5 done. He and I were going to have a little email volley to handle the conversation between he and the mysterious "first contact" stranger on the hill.

But T'riad went all hospital on me and now we will have to wait a week or so. Please all stay tuned, as this END POST for T'riads Session 7.5 will make Session 9 VERY INTERESTING!




--- Quote from: Dray ---Post 3 continues with a quick turnaround back to Garbhan. He's dead.
--- End quote ---

Son of a...!

Erinalia, END POST October 14th, 12:20am

Man that was tough. What can I say about Erinalia's END POST? Much I think. Erin's story was the one that was wanting to come out of me originally. Although I didn't have the time to write it properly, I think the intent of the violation she experiences is not lost upon anyone. Although in many ways it is disturbing, it is yet another critical event to the overall storyline of where I want not only Erin's character to go, but the campaign in general.

Also, please do not misinterpret me. These storyline I have laid before you are indeed a form of "dream-sequence", or at least explained off as such in futute gaming sessions. Do they portend future events? Or did they really occur in some quasi-real timeline? It is up for the players to decide in the end. For only your characters actions will dictate and therefore evolve the story to its inevitable conclusion.

All that drivel being said, I only have 1 END POST to finish, that being T'riads. He is the only one fortunate (?) enough to actually role-play a bit (the conversation he has with the creature who greeted him at the end of post 2).

That will hopefully be updated by late morning tomorrow before the Berkshire Games trip.

Once again, thank you for your indulgence in letting me be creative. I now hand you back your characters in relative working order.

Good day.

BAH! Wasn't able to kill Mel off, he is too powerful. I was able to embarass him a little though.

Please read the END POST for Mel, dated October 13th, 11:13pm.


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