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Episode 06: Bramblethorn - A Conversation


I just read the post for session 6 of Threshold. Thanks, Fraz for taking such fine notes.

One of those fine notes that I...note...is this: There were eight creatures spotted by the field workers, but I don't think that we ran into eight inside the Ring, did we?

One in the tunnel, another in the temple next to the Ring. My memory was that there were only four in the Ring, but reading the log suggests that there were more.

Anyone have a clearer memory than me?

And just for clarity, when Mac spotted the plant moving in a threatening manner, what the hell was that? Another creature? One of these creatures with power over existing plants?


Thanks. I had lost track of the number of them that were at the Ring.

There were 8 "bladelings" (MM3...I think). The first you met as you were running out of the vine fight and the second came up out of the black pool. Then there were 6 at the center stone of the Ring.

The plant thing I'll explain to you in a PM since Mac is the only one that can understand them.


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