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Rumors of Explosions

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The dwarf ghost did not give us the book that I think that you are thinking about. That book was found in the dorms on the other side of the chasm.

I'll be surprised if they send out a search party. If they do, then will they dig? No. I say this because we gave report, and they know that the shaft is 500 feet deep, and it'd take more resources than they have to get through it in any real time (and dwarf would tell you that).

Given that there was air movement through the complex, then there must be another way out. Logic would dictate that the other way out would not have been too badly barricaded.

I'm not sure that what is behind those bricked walls. Were they of dwarven construction? If they were dwarven then what's back there is unpleasant to be sure, but if they were not dwarven, then perhaps they may contain the way out.

That siad, they are bricked over, and therefore not the way that the air current was going.

We're on our own, and first priority is vacating the premises. Food is only a two or three day supply, then we start starving.

Didn't the ghost give us a book? I should probably look through the log but this idea just popped into my head. I'm pretty sure the ghost gave us a book.

I think that it's a fair assumption that there are going to be search parties looking for us. What happens when they find the collapsed shaft? Will they dig?

It seems unlikely that this place was built with only one entrance/exit.

Also, I'm curious as to what's behind those bricked corridors. Something unpleasant I imagine or why else would it be bricked up?. There were rails leading to them. perhaps the dwarves "delved too greedily and too deep..."

There are many questions..."Questions that need answering...". I think much of this mystery can be solved with that book. Unfortunately the book is back at camp...which makes me wonder if the book had any link to the explosions. Not the cause, mind you, but the reason. There may be more sabotage until the book is either found or destroyed.

My thinking is that the two explosions were indeed related. I wouldn't think that the shaft caved in to trap us specifically, although it might have. My thinking is that the shaft was destroyed and caved in so that we would aviod recovering something (or someone).

The absent ghost piques my curiousity; could he have been destroyed?

I think that whoever destroyed the shaft did not necesarily know that we were down there - but that they destroyed it to prevent our going there.

If they arrived on the spot and determined that we were down there, I would think that their thoughts would read something like; "Bonus!"

The question becomes why? What are we not supposed to find?

They were obviously down in the fortress the night before, though, and did a fair amount of damage at that time as well. This implies that "they" have been watching us one way or another.

That fortress was derelict for centuries. We show up, and that night it's under attack again? Coincidence? I think not!


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