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Elberrin's Magic words

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Elberrin approaches Mel sometime when they are camped an no one else is around to inturrupt.

"Mel, I noticed lately you were curious about the different kinds of magic." Elberrin sits down, pulls out his harp and begins to tune it. "I think I might be able to lend some insight to your questions, as I grew up amoung many wizards and sorcorers."

"Butterflies are very nutritious. The wings are a bit dry however. I find that they stick to the roof of my mouth."

Mel looked inquiringly at his treat. "Um... butterfly, I presume."

"What's it made of?"

"Well, personally, I don't really hold with all that hokey-pokey mumbo-jumbo. What I can see, hear, feel and taste: that's what's real."

"You know, I'm starting to think that there's only one god. All these clerics pray in thier own way to some barely-understandable mystic "being", and they all really get the same ends. I think that there's only one such being, and he went to the elves and said "I want to be worshipped this way", then he sauntered to the dwarves and said "I want to be worshipped this way - make sure that you make it known that you think the elves are wrong.", Then he grunted at the orcs, saying "You workship me thisly. Hariy men and girly-men wrong; go eat them".

"After he finished running around and making everyone worship him differntly, he sat back and tried to decide which of those ways was best. Like a woman trying to figure out which dress to wear. Care for a butterfly tart?"


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