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Dannobar is the resident cleric at the Forest Keep. He is an aging man with thin, white hair, who is overweight to the point of being just shy of obese. His voice is a deep baritone and he is a very likeable fellow who is always genial and talkative.

Dannobar is well liked by the men of the keep.

Or, at least he *was* until Belwar and his gang of cronies killed him.  :evil:

Yow! This place is getting COLD!

Still - it's good to be posting again!

Well does it have to be out of the original party because i belive bresht did a better job... and himo got lost in the forest because i didn't have my brass dice yet

Went without saying. As you recall, at that point, you had gotten lost looking for a deer.

More imporantly Who said Belwar was the leader?


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