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Wildlander Feats
« on: August 11, 2005, 03:19:28 PM »
If anyone wishes to use these in their Campaign feel free.


Del Chliss:
?   Description:  A Wildlander with this feat throws a spear or shortspear in such a way to cause it to go into a death spin. This is a feat that has made the Wildlanders legendary and feared in battle.
?   Prerequisite:  Weapon focus (proficiency w/ spear/shortspear, base attack +1), Weapon specialization feat in spear/shortspear (Wildlander level 6).

?   Bonus: Threat range of thrown spear/shortspear is 19-20. Every additional Del Chliss feat taken (to a maximum of 3) increases threat range by 1. Upon scoring a hit within the Del Chliss threat range, the weapons critical (PH pg. 140) multiplier takes effect for damage without the normal second roll needed to hit to determine if it is in fact a critical hit.      

Galavan?s Leap:

?   Description:  The renowned Wildlander Galavan MacConnal perfected this melee feat which involves jumping up and thrusting down with a one or two handed sword or spear type weapon.

?   Prerequisite: Jump (6ranks), Spring Attack feat (dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, base attack +4), Wildlander level 6.

?   Bonus: This feat allows the attacker to effectively get a flanking attack bonus of +4 (as opposed to the normal +2) on opponents of one size smaller, equal size, and one size larger. This form of attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity. This attack causes the attacker to forfeit the successive attack (but not other attacks) in that round. A Wildlander must have at least 2 attacks in a round to perform this feat. A person wielding two weapons cannot make an attack with the off-hand at the same time while doing this feat. This feat can be taken multiple times with the specified weapons and bonus effects stack. So, a Wildlander can take this feat at 6th level and at 16th level with the same weapon. At 16th level the Wildlander could perform this feat twice with one weapon provided that he devoted this feat to a weapon twice. Example: Dane McKeegan of the Clan Govannon at 6th level gets 2 attacks in a round so he decides to take Galavan?s leap for his spear.  At 8th level he gets another feat. He could take Galavan?s Leap again and devote it to another weapon. At 16th level he could take Galavan?s Leap again and devote it to the spear or another weapon that he has devoted the feat to prior to 16th level. Combat Example: at 11th level Dane gets into the rough and tumble with an Orc. In one round Dane gets 3 attacks. He decides to perform Galavan?s Leap with his spear at the beginning of melee. His first two attacks are used up in this maneuver leaving him with 1 attack left in that round. At 16th level he could use Galavan?s Leap twice using up 4 attacks in that round.

Shield Rim:

?   Description: Wildlanders often carry shields with their clan symbol painted or engraved on the face of it.  They have been known to put an edge on the rim and use that ?blade? in combat.

?   Prerequisite: Wildlander. A non Wildlander can use this feat if trained by a Wildlander (and only a Wildlander), Improved Shield Bash

?   Bonus: This attack is a modified form of the Improved Shield Bash. All of the regular penalties to attack are incurred (a light shield and heavy shield is treated as a light weapon and one handed weapon respectively; PH pg.125 & 160). As with Improved Shield Bash there is no penalty to Armor class. The damage caused by a shield rim is 1d4 / 1d6 for a light shield and 1d6 / 1d8 for a heavy shield and a critical multiplier of 2 with a threat range of 20 (spiked shields of like caliber are also the same damage for a shield rim attack). The Two Weapon feat applies to the shield rim for purpose of reducing penalties on attacks.  Bucklers and tower shields cannot be used for this feat.  

Wildlander Scream:

?   Description:  Wildlanders are extremely passionate in battle ("...they fought like warrior poets..."). When going into combat many roar a fierce war cry. Some issue forth a scream of such fervor that it inspires them and their companions. Many times the last thing an enemy hears is their howl of battle passion.

?   Prerequisite: Wildlander 4th level

?   Bonus: the Wildlander scream is equivalent to the 3rd level cleric spell ?Prayer?. This feat can be taken again at 10th level and then at 16th level. Each addition adds or subtracts 1 to the appropriate modifiers as according to the spell (PH pg.264). This feat can be used a number of times per day equal to the Wildlanders constitution modifier to a minimum of one.  The Wildlander can only invoke this feat at the beginning of a melee encounter. If in the invoking round the Wildlander takes more damage than his constitution modifier he/she must make a concentration check to complete the scream to its? effect. A failed check prematurely ends the scream and the effects are lost as is that chance for the scream for that encounter.

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