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ICD's As A Story


I'm in the process of compiling the ICD's (In Character Discussions) into story format. I'll be doing this with every one of them in Threshold (if Dray and Johan would like this done with Forest Keep and Mid-Sea Isles I'd be happy to). If anyone is interested in receiving copies and/or files of them let me know.

I've organized them so that each game session is a Chapter and the ICD's are sub-chapters (ex. Chapter 02-00, Chapter 02-01, Chapter 02-02, etc.)

Fraz, Your chronological list (which Johan aided...thanks) on Kulgar is extremely helpful. Could these story formats be posted on Kulgar as I compile them? You've done a great job in keeping the logs so I figure that I'll do the follow through with the ICD's.

I'd like a copy.  Thanks.


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