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Mel Questions Amaril

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08 Aug 591 (the night after Session 6 & Beachstock).

Inside the tent shared by T'Riad, Mel, Elberrin, and Amaril. Night had long since settled upon the beach outpost and bed beckoned the weary companions. Mel's hammock swayed to and fro as the young hobbit rocked restlessly, his skin itching slightly.


"You awake?" Groans filled the tent as his bunkmates, nearing the edge of sleep awakened anew. "I've been trying to get my arms around something, and it occurs to me that perhaps I should have asked you first. Why is it that different spell casters get the same results, but use different gestures and words, not to mention different materials?"

[OOC] That was very entertaining all. Thanks for that.

"Oh, thanks, but no. I think I'll watch and learn. I like to watch."

"You're more than welcome to accompany us. That is, if you can ignore the calling for a moonlit snack."

"Care to join us Mel? We could kneel!" :)


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