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Belwar makes final arrangements

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This conversation would have taken place on the last island where we left off, just before bed. I can't remember how the night watches went... but here goes anyway.

Belwar takes Valen aside to speak with him quietly. Belwar's manner does not seem to be completely enraged as he has been lately.

"I need tah ask a favor of yeh. This bite is gettin tha better of me. I'm startin ta feel dumber as time goes on, and tha more we wander this accursed woods, tha faster time runs oot."

Belwar stoped to see if Valen understood. Valen remained quiet (for a change!)

Twill be soon that I no longer have the sense to breathe withoot a bein reminded. My own ineptitude in battle will get us into trouble, and I'll not be havin the deaths of us all hangin over my spirit. If we do not find this witch, or if we do and she does no help, You must understand what ye hafta do. You must put this to rest while I sleep, else the rest of ye will fail on account of me."  Belwar paused a moment.

"Keep an eye on the elf too. I imagine he be sufferin simlarly. He's liable to start spouting colors like a mad painter."

"Look, whatever. Just don't be some nabmy pamby woman when it comes down to it."

"I mean no offense when I say this Belwar, for you do indeed fight masterfully. But above ground I can capture you quite quickly." Valen said, noting the frown on Belwar he quickly said, "this is a good thing Belwar."

Valen smiled.

Belwar frowned a bit and said "There are few things I do well, and one o them be swingin this axe. I'm sure there are things you do well, and if capturing someone be one o them, so be it."

After what seemed like an eternal pause, Valen spoke.

"I would rather face you with your eyes wide open than kill you in your sleep. I will do as you ask if the concern is the safety of the others, but I will not do it to save my own skin." Valen thought a moment, his fingers on his chin.

"I would counter your request with this, I have many ways to capture you in lieu of killing you. If I sense that you are a danger to us, I at least wish the attempt to try."


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