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Watching gage


Elberrin took note of Gage's strange departure from the party. AFter a couple of moments, he makes some thin excuse about being tired and casually departs as well, following Gage's path.

OOC: This thread shall merge back into "Dance the night away thread", when it catches up to Trinity and Mel's conversation.

Elberrin quickens his pace as he strides in behind Gage. The noise of the festivities more than covers the sound of his foot-falls. Elberrin didn't slow until he was about 10 feet behind the man.

"You lose something?" Elberrin asked loudly enough to get Mel and Trinity's attention. "I noticed you were looking around."

It wasn't difficult to track him, as he never really left his view. A moment after Elberrin stepped away from the fire surrounded by music and laughter, he spotted Gage about 80 paces ahead. He was standing only 20 paces or so from where Trinity and Mel now sat. Elberrin could tell that Gage was eavesdropping on there conversation.


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