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Dance the Night away...

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Beachstock, at the end of session 6:

After having a fairly long conversation regarding logisitcs of the following day, Mel jumps up and accosts the attractive young human who's been flirting with Elberron.

"Hey..." His eyes wide with wonder. "I just realized that you said that your name was Trinity. Are you the Trinity? The one who everybody is talking about?

Mel was relieved to be heading back towards the crowd at the fires; images of militant humanoids from the deep surfacing from beneath the murky surface of the bay waters plagued his imagination; he felt decidedly as though he was being watched. He scanned the beach and the surrounding berms for anything that might be out of the ordinary, but found nothing there. But it's often the fox that you don't see that you need be careful of. He reminded himself of the old farmer's addage, oft repeated by that lovely brunette with the coconut cream pies.

This night had been full of odd happenings, Amallia's friend Trinity was among the first - he had rather thought that there would be a reason for the two to meet, but apparently not. Then there was Elberrin's behavior - Mel would have to talk to Elb in private to understand that and how it pertained to this Gage fellow. This nobody appeared from nowhere, having left his sense of humor at home (another human who doesn't want to have fun - Mel noted sardonically to himself that a lack of sense of humor must have been one of the requirements for humans to take this trip), what was it he said to Trinity? The ranger isn't going to like this? What ranger?

Oddness is certainly afoot, he thought suspiciously. He wished silently that he had some of his co-workers on-hand to help him figure out exactly what was going on. He could use someone to anchor him as he tended to get easily distracted, and there were certainly things going on here that begged his curiosity.

He plodded back towards the festivities. Hopefully, there would be distractions there for his over-active imagination.

"Sure," she lowered her head to capture Mel's gaze. Smiling at him she asked, "You think you can stop talking long enough to dance?"

She giggled, kicked water at him and ran up ahead.

"Hard work? Nahh...you creep around in the dark and get a bead on what's ahead. Sharp eyes, alert ears, and light feet; that's all." Mel looked around and noted that they had wandered a bit beyond his comfort zone. "So what say we wander back to the loud fire and enjoy the festivities?"

"Isn't being a scout hard work?" she asked as she reached down and grabbed a hand full of water, and patted her face with it.


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