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The Elementalists. They are wielders of the building blocks of nature and Arcane might. After the destructive Arcane Wars, Arcanists were nearly extinct. Those who did survive the devastation were hunted and despised. Much of what was known of magic was lost and forgotten. The Druids saw that the loss of magic would eventually lead to a doom the likes of which none would have ever seen. The Druids, being the spokesmen of Mahiya, worked to bring back magic through their influence and outlook. The four elements, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air would be the channels of power for this new breed of Arcanist. Through time, some of what was lost was rediscovered. What was found was kept and some was hidden away or destroyed. The Elementalists were born.


Elementalists are a breed apart from most Arcanists. They work heavily with Druids but are not bound by their yolk. Many of them adventure to see the power of their chosen element at work be it for good or ill. They are single minded in the pursuit of their path. For them there is no greater glory than to see their passion at work. As far as they?re mostly concerned, money is only a means in creating spells.


An Elementalist is forever pursuing her chosen element. Knowledge in her Arcane arts is an obsession. By feeling an affinity to a single element they trade the element opposite of it. Fire and Water sacrifice each other and Earth and Air likewise. Because of this, the Elementalist is absolutely forbidden to use spells of the opposing element. So effectively, all Elementalists are Specialists.


Since the elements are of the nature alignment (truly neutral), Elementalists usually have some aspect of neutrality in their alignment. This does not preclude them from having a non-neutral alignment as the elements can reflect Law, Chaos, Good, and Evil (or better put, misfortune) but most are bent towards a neutrality of sorts.


Elementalists exclusively accept the deity of their element as their emulation. Their element is their religion. Their element spells are their prayers. Many tattoo themselves with images of their element to show their devotion. Indeed they are difficult to distinguish from priests of the same element.


All Elementalists are part of a common fellowship regardless of alignment or element. Many of opposing element devotees see themselves as rivals be it friendly or not. However, all understand the importance of the other elements as kin. Elementalists have an unspoken respect for each other as guardians of their common craft. People still see them as deviant mystics that will eventually bring about their ruin?after all they?re still a form of Arcanist and at one time brought great misery and hardship.


Many races tend to lean towards the element that they?re akin to.
Dwarves: Grumbar and Kossuth.
Elves: Istisha and Akadi.
Gnomes: Grumbar and Istisha
Halflings: Akadi and Kossuth
Half Elves: Kossuth and Istisha
Half Orcs: Grumbar and Kossuth
Humans: Any

Other Classes

Elementalists find a deep kinship to Druids, Clerics of the elements, and other Elementalists. They view ?mundane? Arcanitsts with a bit of suspicion but respect their use of magic. They see Rogues as shallow with their stereotype of money grubbing. Rangers have great acceptance among them since they feel the call of Mahiya in certain ways. Paladins are viewed with respect for their unwavering passions. Mages are seen as hacks unless they choose to devote themselves to an element. They understand and appreciate Bards as keepers of history but feel they should leave ?the art? to those who are willing to concentrate on it. Barbarians are seen as reckless but they admire their unpredictability as it reflects part of the mechanics of each element (other than that they?re just dumb). Fighters are accepted for their skill but unless they use it to promote a cause they like then they?re just empty. Psionic minded classes have not yet had an impact for them to develop an attitude one way or another.


Given the right situation, an Elementalist in an adventuring party can be very effective, especially at greater levels. They usually have a strong presence given their adeptness in certain spells.

Game Rule Information

All Elementalists rely on intelligence for the power of their spells. Many times an Elementalist will reflect the ability that characterizes their element: Earth-strength and wisdom, Air-dexterity and constitution, Water-constitution and dexterity, Fire-dexterity and charisma.


Any but they usually have some neutral aspect.

Hit die


Class Skills

The class skills of an Elementalist are the same as the standard Arcanist (Wizard) with the following exceptions:
Kossuth (Fire): Intimidate(Cha), Heal(Wis)
Akadi (Air): Tumble(Dex), Move Silent(Dex)
Istisha (Water): Swim(Str), Heal(Wis)
Grumbar (Earth): Appraise(Int), Climb(Str)

The skills listed are skills that can be taken without a cross-class penalty. The extra skills available emulate the element that has been chosen by the Elementalist.

Skill points  

-At first level: (2 + Int Modifier) X 4
-Each additional level: 2 + Int Modifier

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Elementalists weapons, like many other aspects, emulate the Element for which they?re attuned. Their Weapon proficiencies are as D&D 3.5 Wizard with the following exceptions:

Kossuth (Fire): Scimitar
Akadi (Air): Short Bow
Istisha (Water): Trident, Net
Grumbar (Earth): Light or Heavy Pick

Penalties for Armor are the same as the listed Wizard


An Elementalist has access to all spells except spells that are in direct opposition to her chosen Element. Fire and Water are in opposition as are Earth and Air.

The following list is of descriptors of spells that a given Elementalist cannot use:
Kossuth (Fire): Water, Cold
Grumbar (Earth): Air
Istisha (Water): Fire, Acid
Akadi (Air): Earth

Elementalists are still limited by spells that are known. After the Arcane Wars many spells were lost. The Arcanists that knew them were either killed in the Wars or their spellbooks were burned in the aftermath of fear or even still the Druids have kept the spells hidden away.

Bonus Languages

Per Players Handbook plus:
Water Elementalists: Istishan (Aquan)
Fire Elementalists: Ssuthian (Ignan)
Earth Elementalist: Grumban (Terran)
Air Elementalist: Kadian (Auran)

Element Affinity
+2 on Spellcraft checks to learn spell of chosen element

Additional spell. The spell must be of the chosen Element

+2 save from spells of chosen Element

-2 save for opponents against spell of chosen Element

Element Augmentation
An Elementalist can boost the casting level of a spell of their chosen Element. This boost is applied right before the spell is cast. Furthermore there is no ceiling on the number of damage dice that a boosted spell has. For example, a fireball spell does 1d6 damage/caster level to a maximum of 10d6 damage. If Cinder, a Fire Elementalist boosts a fireball to a casting level of 11 the 11th die is added to the damage.

The boost is as follows:
1st level: 1 level higher
4th level: 2 levels higher
8th level: 3 levels higher
12th level: 4 levels higher
16th level: 5 levels higher
20th level: 6 levels higher

If the boost is applied to a spell with Heightened Spell feat (PHB pg. 95) then the boost is applied to the spell as the effective caster level given by the feat. For example, Cinder (a 12th level Fire Elementalist with a caster level of 6) memorizes a fireball spell with the Heightened Spell feat giving the fireball an effective casting level of 7. If she applies her Spell boost upon casting the fireball the effective level is then 11. Cinder would do 11d6 of damage (Remember, there is no maximum on damage dice). Note: If Cinder couples her Spell Boost with a Maximize Spell feat (which takes a spell slot 3 spell levels higher than the spell it?s applied to. PHb pg. 97) and the Heightened Spell feat, her fireball will unleash some serious devastation.

The Spell Boost can also be divided into lesser doses adding up to the boost given. So, Cinder being 12th level could cast 2 spells at 2 levels higher (adding up to 4 levels higher). Or cast 1 spell at 3 levels higher and 1 spell at 1 level higher. She could even cast 4 spells at 1 level higher.

The Element Spell Boost slots are available once per day. So, if Cinder decides that she wants to blast a squadron of Orcs with her fireball boosted to 4 levels higher she can not boost any more Element spells that day.  


Elementalists do not get familiars.

Scribe Scroll

As Player?s Handbook 3.5.

Bonus Feats

As Player?s Handbook 3.5.


As Player?s Handbook 3.5.

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« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2005, 03:36:52 PM »
Electricity is a facinating phenomena. We could have an extremely long discussion about it.

One note of almost trivia: say lightning strikes a lake, the effect is that the electricity would flow over the surface of the water - things under the water are not effected. Bear in mind that the electricity is flowing over the surface of the water...towards land, which is where it's trying to get to!

Also, there's a well-established phenomena (remind me to show  you my survival book) where, on a livestock farm, a lightning bold will strike a tree and cows all around the tree will die. I'm not suggesting that all of the cows will die, but some often do.

This is because the potential of a lightning bolt is on the order of a million volts, and the electricity flows through the tree (towards ground again), and then radiates outward from the tree in a radial pattern (much like the waves in a pond as a result of a thrown stone).

If a quadraped is standing parallel to the conentric rings, not a lot will happen as the potential (electrical voltage) difference between one set of feet and the other is not too high. However, if they are standing perpendicular to the annular rings, then the electrical potential from the hind feet to the front (which means the electricity is applied across the critter's heart) is large enough to kill the beast.

Just fun facts. We can talk at length tonight. I think that electrical spells are appliccable to earth elementalists.
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« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2005, 09:32:41 AM »
Let me just day that I'm glad that you like what I've put together here. I always appreciate constructive critiques.


Johan wrote:
If this is the case, then I think that I would argue this (are you suprised?). I would argue this based upon (being an EE), electricity is a natural phenomona of the earth as much as of the sky (clouds). We often think of lightning (the epitome of the electrical world) as being cast to earth from the sky, but the truth is that the electricity of a lightning bolt travels as often from ground to cloud, and may also travel from cloud to cloud. Electricity, by its nature is trying to return to earth (which is why we refer to the safety return as "ground" or "earth" - it is a literal definition). No elecrical circuit works without a return path, which is usually a return to ground.
And why is "Acid" under water while "Cold" is under fire? Logically, should "Heat" be under water (yeah, I'm aware of the humor in that question)?[/quote]Next:[/u]
Johan Wrote:
I assume that this means that the Elementalist will get that weapon in addition to the normal alloted by the PHB to Wizards?
And so on:[/u]
Johan Wrote:
I assume that in these two spots you're meaning "Same as Wizard from the PHB?
In conclusion:[/u]
Johan Wrote:
...where are my totems
I[/b] would make but I really like the idea. Give it a look.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity