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it seems to me that based on session 2 and 3, the Threshold Protectorate may want to tie up some things and explore a bit. for session 4 would you guys like to do that? i can very well integrate it into the adventure but i would like to know that i should integrate it. What say you all?

This pre-planning effort will also relax the amount of time that would be spent planning during a game session. This will be helpful since each adventure in a session for Threshold is designed to last for the 4-5 hours that we are able to play.

Let's use the Dinner at the Stump thread to collaborate on what are plan of action should be. As we have a a few weeks of Real-Life between now and the next session, we have the time to Role-Play out our planning. And I am interested in how the characters will organize this effort, in contrast, to how we as players would.

I do agree with the sentiments above however, and think that this is an excellent thread to get clear are thoughts as players.

Through inevitable inquiry you would have discovered the names of the people are:

Sasha O'Connor - woman in the cave/mine (sister to Marlan O'Connor)
Dakota O'Connor - girl that Maal found at the Overspan (daughter of Marlan and Mirva O'Connor)
William DeVrie - boy in the cave/mine (son of Furgan and Nadia DeVrie)

Dead people:
Furgan DeVrie - Man (husband to Nadia)
Nadia DeVrie- Woman (wife of Furgan)
Dorin DeVrie - boy (son of Furgan and Nadia)
Marlan O'Connor - Man (husband to Mirva, father to Dakota and Ariel)
Mirva O'Connor - Woman (wife to Marlan, mother to Dakota and Ariel)
Ariel O'Connor - girl (twin sister of Dakota O'Connor)


--- Quote from: himo ---...the overlord so we get him out of the way before we go and kill seconded and third in comand.
--- End quote ---

Once again, with Clarity, Himo: Who's the Overlord, and where did a second and / or third in command appear? Have you been playing without us again?!?


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