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an aside to Mel and Ivan's talk


is Mel going to share his thoughts with the rest of the party? i ask because T'Riad has been thinking the same thing in regards to a bridge and using the underground for more permanancy.

Anyway, here are some of the difficulties that we'll face and hopefully overcome.
1) building a rope bridge will be tough because {papers shuffle from looking for the...oh, there's my cross section map} the angle of the continuing hallway is at a steep (45 degree) angle and, if i remember correctly, not in line. we can try to go across the bottomless cavern by rope (not my preferred route) either from the hallway which is lower or from the top of the cliff above or repel from the top (the lesser of two dangers) into the mysterious hallway. an alternative is to look for a different access. this could take weeks with no guarantee that there is another way in.

2) crossfire alley. how do we dismantle that shooting gallery? and do we want to? it is part of the defenses of the underground. not to mention the dwarves might have some problems messing with a temple to Moradin.

3) once we do get into the other side leaving could pose problems. if in the event someone(s) gets hurt or is unconcious and we have to beat feet how do we get the injured out of there? granted this is a risk we always have but in this case it's a bit more difficult. if we build a crossing first this will be less of a problem. but getting stuck with no easy means of retreat is foolish. we don't know what's down there or how far it goes. knowing dwarves it could go a LONG way.

There is only one coffin that I am aware of. Based upon that I certainly don't conclude that it was a tomb.

There are living quarters after all.


There is only one coffin as you know. I don't think anyone would come to the conclusion that it was a tomb.

There are living quarters after all.

OOPS, wait a minute! I am the DM, I can't talk about this....

....um, forget I posted this.


if not a temple then a tomb of someone of great importance and reknown. either way, Dwarves would protect it.

Mel will likely talk to the others in time; this is one of those things that just occured to me, and being as spontaneous as he is he went to talk to Ivan. It's not a big secret or anything, just taking the opportunity. I'd be surprised if they haven't had similar thoughts already.

The far side is 90 feet higher than this side; good spot.

My thinking would be to leave Crossfire Alley and install Dwarves. I din't get the feeling that this is a temple perse.


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