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thoughts of challenge

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As the sun peeks over the ridges surrounding Cove Bay T'Riad swings and spins his quartestaff with blinding speed and precision. occasionally he tumbles, kicks, and jumps never faltering in his mechanics. thinking about the rumors of this forsken place and the events of the past week T'Riad thinks to himself during his exercise, 'we were all sent here for a reason by the fates that be. not for money, not for conquest. this advent will be the chance for everybody to shed their old skin and grow a new one. we are here to face the challenges and either endure them and become stronger or give in and die in some form. such is the way of nature, such is the way of balance.' spinning his quarterstaff off into the sand T'Riad instantly grabs his kamas and seamlessly moves into a different Kata (a series of attacks and defenses) technique.


T'Riad, wide eyed, drops his Kamas and begins to rush to Mel's aid. upon seeing that Mel is laughing hysterically T'Riad starts to laugh also reveling in the fact that this was the perfect thing break his serious thoughts. he walks over to Mel and helps him up and dusts him off. with a big grin T'Riad says, "i should've known you were going to do something like that!"

Elberrin:  :roll:


--- Quote from: wildfire ---As soon as Mel reaches the full extent of his arm T'riad summersaults towards Mel and as he pulls out of the tuck onto both feet he swings down with both Kamas and slices the loaf into three pieces.
--- End quote ---
"AAAAHHHH!"[/b] Mel screams and falls backward sticking his left hand under his right armpit. "THE GODS! THE GODS! IT HURTS! I THOUGHT THE MONK WAS BETTER THAN THAT!! He continues to scream, rolling about on the ground just until the surprise on T's face is about to turn into action, then suddenly leaps to his feet, both hands extended like moose antlers on the sides of his head.

He then falls on his ass laughing.

Seriously, good shot, T.  :lol:


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