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This conversation would have taken place the first night in the rat-house, after Kit, unbeknonwst to the rest of the party psionified the rat.

Laren's jaw drops as the rat seems to tear into Jarmol's leg, withdraw and EXPLODE! Not being *quite* as shocked as he appears, (Laren has seen a lot of wildly strange things!)  Laren allows a couple of seconds to pass, just to add to the drama.

"Jarmok, I don't know what's coursing through your veins, but I think it dissagreed with the rat's digestive system."

"Maybe something in Jarmock's system does indeed makes the rat's explode. In my limited experience with Alchemy, I have heard of such things. Granted, it was never with chemicals from living specimens...."

Kit says then trails off, lost in her thoughts.

We still all saw... something... in the form of an exploding rat.

topic locked :P

Not to break the "In-character discussion" but lets not forget, only Ragnor would have been able to discern where the rat-mind-blasting power came from, as he was standing behind Kit.

As Ragnor has been quiet up to this point, so far so good for Kit.

Okay, sorry for the interruption, U may return to IN-Game format.

Heh, not yet!


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