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Ashe's First Night with The Rat Pack

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After telling Ashe that she has experience with Alchemy, Kit starts to prepare "a station" to work at. In no time at all she has decanters, mixing bowls and a burning candle set at a table. While Ashe is examining the boys, he starts requesting certain ingredients to be mixed. Laren sees that Kit has a hard time measuring them, as she is shaking like a leaf.


Matt and I discussed it, and thought better of continuing a thread that occured so long ago in the Threshold timeline. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Laren turned back inside and went to the kitchen to help himself to some food.

"Can I get anything for anyone else to eat?"

After a long moment (OOC, like a year) of the peaceful solitude, Kit turned, gave Laren a slight pat on the shoulder and returned to her work inside.

the cool air massages away the heat of the moment. you look across the river to see the tall cliffs of The Foot decorated with the budding trees. resting on the cliffs you see the Spike of Fire spewing it's massive flame to the heavens. in front of the Spike you see another Tower falling into ruin. further beyond on a tall point you see the winged staue of Havigaard with his sword held out before him, ever watching. the sound of the Fogveil offers you some peaceful sounds to drown out the cacophony in your head. you smell food coming from within Ashe's house.


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