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Kit's Description and a Little More
« on: April 25, 2005, 09:04:39 PM »
Kit is a stunningly beautilful young girl, not yet quite a woman. At 5'6", she is slightly taller than her peers. She has long straight blonde hair that is full, reaching mid-way down her back. With her fair skin and pale green eyes she could easily be mistaken for a tall half-elf. Her physique is certainly characteristic of the elven race, as she is very slim. Although not athletic in build, she has a woman's curves, a shape that will turn many a man's head.

     She appears that she also makes no effort to discourage such activity. Her adventuring outfit leaves only a little to the imagination. The armor consists of a long light brown leather skirt, which reaches the top of her feet, and is split at the sides to reveal her legs up to her waist. Along the low-waist line of the skirt is a loose fitting belt pouch and dagger. Her leather top leaves much of her mid-riff bare, and has only three-quarter sleeves. She also carries a full backpack, out of which some torch-heads poke out. She rarely wears it on her back though, saying it pulls on her hair. To complete the ensemble, she (recently) accessorized with matching fingeless leather gloves and leather straps to braid portions of her hair. She has no jewelry.

     Over the eight days of knowing her, you have observed she is prone to about one or two mood swings a day. She'll be very happy one moment, then appear to be crushed with sadness the next. She has not shown any anger however, and is always quick to reasonably explain away any tears.

     The first two days after the Threshold Protecterate (our group) was formed, Kit all but disappeared. She was glimpsed coming in and out of Threshold shops. The following two days she was lost completely to her room. Only the last 2 days prior to the Rat Extermination Day (see log entry #2) had she be seen by her fellows in the Protecterate. Wearing comfortable breeches and shirts of various colors she had bought. Each item though, had been modified to show off more skin than the original tailors intended, and more than the local women of town appreciate. Luckily for them, and their husbands, she spends a considerable amount of each day in her room, only making appearances in the Inn common room in the morning, and the Stump in the evening.

     For those last two nights, Kit has joined anyone in the group who had taken dinner in the Stump. She always appeared freshly bathed and groomed, with a perfume of a light jasmine scent about her. Each night, her hair has been in a different style, as she must spent most of her time in her room fiddling with it. And of course, she always had a different outfit. The night before what was to become Rat Day, she debuted a modest, but beautiful brown dress.

     When she does converse with members of the Protectorate, she is usually very inquisitive about the others in the group. Wanting to know what harrowing adventures they've been on, and what amazing things they've seen. As she is more a listener than a talker, she is always an attentive audience.

     Her past is a mystery to all, as she always seems to steer away from talking of it.

     She is still only known as Kit.