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All the right herbs

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Sometime after breakfast, Laren decides that he would like to go for a stroll down to see Ash. Laren gets to the place, opens the door and goes in.

"thanks." Ashe soaks the rag in the mug of hot water. "now, the technique is to dab the at the wound...never scrub. you'll only rip the growing skin be doing that. let me show you..." Ashe dabs at the wound cleaning away some of the grey puss around the bite. with an arched lip Ashe says, "you must also have a strong stomach sometimes."

"i was surprised at how much she knew about how to work in a lab, given her age. she knew more than anyone her age would...remarkable" he says nodding towards Kit you is continuing her snort and whistle rythym. "now we mix a bit of water with the belladona so as to make a paste. here, put two spoonfulls in there."

Laren eagerly does as instructed.

While grinding the already fine dust in his pounding bowl Ashe says, "you do know a bit. to what extent would you like to learn this craft? buying herbs is different than harvesting them yourself you know. it's not always as easy as it may appear. it requires patience to find them in the wild. i do grow some here but they need the natural world to gain their potential. Many of my summer days are spent searching for them. there are patches of them around but you must leave some to insure that they will continue to grow...you can't be greedy. it does require you to study the skin of the land to find where they grow. and even more in order to bring out their qualities. but if you want to learn then by all means let's start. first you must know how to use them. come with me."

Ashe gets up and approaches one of the fevered boys. "come on...". he says to Laren. Ashe undresses the wound on young Rasthaven's arm. "this is a tricky ailment that Kyle has. it's not like a fever from bad weather or your normal infections from a cut, no. this is more insidious and harder to drive out. it requires constant attention and some this..." he lifts the the bowl up and shows Laren. "this is belladona, wolvesbane as it is known. i thank Mahiya that there is not much of a need in Threshold for it. if you would please fetch me a mug of the water near the hearth, oh, and a clean rag from the chest to the right of the hearth. we must constantly clean the bite wound to prevent the filth from festering."

"Yeah! I would love to learn, it's what motivates me. ... that and money ;))"

"I already know a good amount." Laren drops a few buzz words that might push the limits of the knowlage of someone with 6 points in Craft (medicine).


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