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Threshold Places
« on: April 22, 2005, 10:03:31 PM »

Inns & Taverns

IT1) The Griffon?s Nest: Inn
-Proprietor: Daniel Rasthavyn (Male Human)

IT2) The Cliffside Inn: Inn
-Proprietor: Lander Leofric (Male Gnome)

IT3) Hunter?s Lodge: Inn/Tavern
-Proprietor: Zarion Wolfjaw (Male 1/2 Elf)

IT4) Dragonfly?s Kitchenrest: Inn
-Proprietor: Carolyn ?Dragonfly? Waterton (Female Human)

IT5) Thornhedge Inn: Inn
-Proprietor: Keltan Kym (Male 1/2 Elf)

IT6) Caravan?s Pavilion: Caravan Stop / Inn
-Proprietor: Trisk Thorvald (Male Human)

T1) Tenrings Tavern: Tavern
-Proprietor: Galanor Ravenwood (Male 1/2 Elf)

T2) Mushroom O? the Stump: Tavern/Game Hall
 -Proprietor: Eldan & Garret Thornbramble (Halfling Twin Brothers)

T3) Oak & Acorn Pub: Tavern
-Proprietor: Donard ?Oakarm? Spinel (Male Human)

T4) Doubeck?s Festhall: Tavern/Meeting Hall
-Proprietor: Sangalor Doubeck (Male Human)

T5) The Grape & Vine: Tavern Winery
-Proprietor: Mryx Y?Chazey ?Ghost Eye? (Male Elf)

Stores / Merchants / Crafters

M1) Ore & War Forges: Weapon and Blacksmith
-Proprietor: Darius ?Stormhunter? Grogan (Male 1/2 Orc)

M2) The Killing Shot Fletcher Shop: Fletcher and Bow maker
-Proprietor: Ariana Snowfire & Sys?Ania Snowfire (Elf Sisters)

M3) Annalee?s Provisions: Food Market (fruits/vegetables/nuts)
-Proprietor: Annalee Vox Ulsun (Female Human- Wildlander decent)

M4) The Green Glass Stitchery: Clothing
-Proprietor:  Margoree ?Spinner? MacTavish (Female Human)

M5)Bearded Beasts Leather & Butchery Shop: Leather and Meat Market
-Proprietor: Philip Stagdrake (Male Human)

M6) Ashes Herbs: Herbs and Spices
-Proprietor: Ashe Pryessant (Male Human)

M7) Dragonbones Metal Shop: Gold and Silversmith
-Proprietor: Torrent of Clan Thunderfist (Male Dwarf)

M8) Godseye Jewels: Jeweler
-Proprietor: Nuan Ki?Vish ?Rubystar? (Male Elf)

M9) Squire?s Mounts: Mounts and Pack Animals
-Proprietor:  Suath Mythcinderton (Male 1/2 Elf)

M10) Valley Carriages: Vehicles and Overland transports
-Proprietor: William Edomira (Male Human)

M11) Wedge & Wheel: Cheese and Dairy Shop
-Proprietor: Persimony ?Percy? Runestone (Female Gnome)

M12) Braided Breads: Bakery
-Proprietor: Simone Belshazzar (Female 1/2 Elf)

M13) The Knightstar Armory: Armorer
-Proprietor: Agar of Clan Thunderfist (Male Dwarf)

M14) Darkwood Coffers: Woodworker
-Proprietor: Kyle Dervish (Male Human)

M15) Mugs & Jugs: Glassblower and Pottery maker
-Proprietor: Kurth & Draka  Furgonarg (Male & Female 1/2 Orcs)


M) The Circle of All: Mahiya
G) The Hiddenmount: Grumbar
A) The Temple of Open Skies: Akadi
I) The Shrine of The Crystal Fountain: Istisha
K) The Spike of Fire: Kossuth
P) The Alter of Virtue: Paladine
S) The House of Crimson Eyes: Sardior
T) The Temple of Shadows: Takhisis

Geographical Locations / Places of Interest

The Fogveil Vein ? the river

Goldleaf Ridge ? a plateau on the southwestern part of Threshold that brags of golden trees

The Foot ? the center island

Littlefoot ? the small island north of The Foot

Copper Ledge ? the island to the southeast of The Foot that grows trees with copper leaves

Defender?s Gorge (aka. The Scar) ? the chasm in the southeast that is stitched by the Overspan
The Blessed Brook ? the short tributary to the Fogveil in the northeast that is fed by The Crystal Fountain, a natural spring

The Chisel / Hammer Drop ? the stream that carves it?s way to the Fogveil (thereby creating Defender?s Gorge) in the southeastern part of Threshold. The waterfall is called the Hammer as it constantly pounds the rocks below.
Angelhawk Bridge ? northernmost bridge

The Overspan ? southernmost bridge; natural

The Rosewalk ? easternmost bridge

Wolfsong Stretch ? westernmost bridge

The Overlook of Havigaard ? place of renown in the southern part of
Threshold. It is a featured high point

The Fortress Mount ? a keep used for soldiers of the Tri-State of Vychia in the northwestern part of Threshold. It is a featured high point

The Shambled Tower ? ruins on the southwestern cliff of The Foot.

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