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guidline not rule


one of the things that i think should be relevent in raising skills is the use of that skill in adventures past.

i would like for characters to try to raise the skills that they used between levels.

if you want a new skill that requires training then a character must seek it out (either in an adventure or thru adventure offtime). this tutelage is required. this training is probably best done with other party members. However, if no party member has that skill then the character must seek it out elswhere.

for example: in the opening adventure Kit jumped into the river to save a drowning boy. on the next level that Kit reaches she might add some skill points to swimming. (Dray, this is an example and is not necessarily expected.)

Since you're in a town there's a good chance that there is someone who has that skill.

That said, it's up to me (the DM) to challenge (at some point or another) many, if not all, of the skills that any character has.

this style of skill progression is more of a strong guideline than a hard and fast rule. it does lend to flexibility...weather permitting

i figured as much but i just wanted to make it plain.

That is sort of how we've always done it.


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