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Jarmok - The Obvious (Read this to know the obvious stuff)
« on: March 26, 2005, 01:23:38 PM »
Jarmok's is a lean figure standing roughly five-and-a-half feet tall.

He wears well-worn leather armor, carries a small wooden shield and bears a magnificent battle axe. He also typically carries a crude long bow (with a quiver that is clearly home-made and contains low-quality arrows) and two smaller axes depend from his belt.

His face is round and his large eyes are somewhat bulbous. Pointed, somewhat cupped ears stand high on the sides of his head and protrude out from under thick black hair that is crudely tamed, pulled to the back of his head through a leather collett to fall past his shoulders.

Anyone who has spent the bulk of their lives in the presence of elves will be able to tell that he is either a mal-formed elf (or half-elf) or not an elf (or half-elf) at all. His height would make him more likely a half-elf, but his ears sit up a little too high on the sides of his head, and his fingers are long in comparison to his arms and hands. Just slightly.

Please note that these "features" would not likely to be noted by folks who are not intimate with those other races or who are just not that observant.

However, viewed in sufficient light, it becomes clear that Jarmok is not an elf. In bright-light conditions his pupils are decidedly slit, like many-a snake or cat.

If you get close enough, you might also note that he is covered with a fine layer of soft light brown (coffee-tan) hair.
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